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Pete Townshend | All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes Rare Promo Posters

The Who guitarist's 1982 solo album was better than its 'stupid' title implied.


Pete Townshend once quipped that he should have won a “Stupid Title of the Year” award for the name of this 1982 solo album All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes. No argument here: Although I understand what he’s talking about — the look of squinty-eyed western stars like Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef — it’s not exactly the kind of title that’s going to win over the masses. The album itself didn’t seem to fare much better, though I thought it was OK. Granted, it’s no Empty Glass, but songs like Stop Hurting People, The Sea Refuses No River, Face Dances, Exquisitely Bored and Slit Skirts seem to have had some staying power. Being a major Who fan, I snagged these promo posters from the record store where I worked at the time. I like the black-and-white playing card number below more than the other one, which I honestly find somewhat depressing. I mean, look at Pete’s eyes in the colour poster. He looks like he’s clinging to that guitar for dear life. There’s clearly something going on there that ain’t good. And I don’t think exquisite boredom is the problem. Anyway, if you’re interested in owning one or both of these rarities, drop me a line and we’ll work something out. UPDATE: The b/w poster below has been sold. The colour one is still available.