Betty Lyles Wants Us All To Do It Together

The Houston songwriter makes a connection with her irresistible instrumental.

Betty Lyles is out to unite people on the dance floor with her new single Do It Together — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Tastefully toeing the line between classic disco and cutting-edge EDM — with dashes of soul, R&B and jazz added for good measure — the Houston composer’s latest instrumental single is fashioned from a gently insistent four-on-the-floor backbeat, sypcopated keyboard lines and lightly squiggled electronic flourishes. Sleek, supple and sophisticated, it’s a tune that stands on its own nimble feet even as it brings you to yours.

Music has been Lyles’ passion since she began playing piano as a child — it warms her soul when the world seems cold. Twenty years ago or more, she began writing melodies off and on for church and school. During the pandemic, Betty felt a void in her life because she was away from her church choir at Mount Rose Missionary Baptist Church. She began writing music again and released the singles Everyday and Blip in 2021. Earlier this year, she released the track J. Stanley, a tribute to her father Jewell S. Douglas, a musician, teacher, and former bandleader of the Louisiana group Jewell and the Rubies, best known for the popular 1963 song Kidnapper.

Check out Do It Together above and below, and follow Betty Lyles on Twitter and Facebook.