Jaxxee Has Been So Tired

The Victoria singer-songwriter captures modern-day weariness on her latest cut.

Jaxxee chronicles the chaos of weariness and resilience in her latest single and video So Tired — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Infusing her soulful sound with unfiltered authenticity, the Victoria singer-songwriter’s single delves into the universal experience of late-night self-reflection, capturing the exhaustion from the feeling of inadequacy. Born from a moment of inspiration during a car ride, So Tired questions the balance between strength and vulnerability, the authenticity of appearances in a social media-driven world, and the emotional turbulence of self-doubt. The production elevates the song with a soulful Americana style as Jaxxee and producer Neil James Cooke-Dallin opt for a live sound, raw and filled with the sound of a crack band.

Photo by Millissa Martin.

So Tired is a testament to Jaxxee’s versatility as an artist. Seamlessly blending genres, she navigates effortlessly from the energetic stages of blues and soul to the introspective realms of this soul-stirring ballad. Additionally, the lyrics serve as a poignant exploration of self-doubt, and the internal battle between strength and vulnerability highlights Jaxxee’s lyrical prowess. Lines like “If I falter, do I fade” and “All these thoughts, they replay in my mind, over and over again” provide listeners with a window into the artist’s introspective journey.

Jaxxee’s music clearly reflects her self-trained musical background and a commitment to singing from a place deep within her soul. Her career in music has been greatly inspired by her personal story, including a transformative kidney donation, her tracks embody sincerity and emotional depth.

Watch the video for So Tired above, sample more from Jaxxee below and find her on her website, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.