Check Out A New Powergroup From Osees, TVOTR & More

John Dwyer, Kip Malone and more freak out in this new improvisational collective.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Osees leader John Dwyer (synths) and Tom Dolas (synths), TV On The Radio‘s Kyp Malone (synths), Heather Lockie (strings), Brad Caulins (sax), Ciriza (vocals and lyrics), Andres Renteria (hand drums) and Archis Carey (bassoon) have banded together to form a brand new powergroup, with their debut LP, Ritual / Habit / Ceremony, out Oct. 13. To commemorate the LP’s announcement today, the group have also shared its first single, Memory Mirror Overfloweth.

Dwyer wrote the following record synopsis:

‘An experiment in symphonic improvisation paired with synthesizer-scapes.
Strings, reeds, synths & hand percussion all blend sweetly into an odd landscape indeed.

The final touch was to bring aboard some singers I have loved over the years.
I’m so pleased they were all willing to participate and I’m very tickled by the plane we navigate.

Once YoshimiO agreed to be on board, I knew we were going to be OK.

Recorded & mixed at my home studio (Stu-Stu-Studio in Los Angeles) and remotely. This one was a slow burn to see the light of day. And here it is in its final crystal form.

Celebrating the spaces between ritual, habit, & ceremony. And all the parallels between.

The line is blurred.

This is occult adjacent strain of sound.

At home in daly ritual, contemplation & meditation.

The singers are YoshimiO (Boredoms, OOIOO), Albert Wolski (EXEK), Gracie Jackson (GracieHorse), Ciriza (artist extraordinaire), Kyp Malone (Bent Arcana, TVOTR, Rain Machine, etc.), Brigid Dawson (Thee Oh Sees, The Mothers Network), AZITA (Scissor Girls, Bride of NONO),

For fans of Steve Roach, Eno, Syrinx, Howard Shore, Current 93, Terry Riley, Tangerine Dream, and a proper sage scrub.’ ”