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Aural Air Guides You Through Imagined Pastures

The singer-songwriter explores and celebrates her Irish homeland on her new EP.

Aural Air roams an immersive sonic landscape on her new EP Imagined Pastures — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Known for her ethereal, eerie, and expansive guitar and vocal melodies, London-based Irish singer-songwriter Laura Rai invites comparisons with artists like Jeff Buckley, Anna Calvi and Slowdive. The five-track Imagined Pastures is “a collection of songs surrounding themes of mixed identity and the poetic dialogue and nature of rural Ireland,” she says. “The songs aim to depict the pervasive opposition of the Atlantic Sea with internal forces both musically and lyrically.”

With an immersive sonic landscape, Imagined Pastures is predominated by imaginative and distinct layers of electric guitar, mystical harmonies, and percussive textures. The EP was recorded by Darragh Nolan at Asta Kalapa. It comes in the wake of her debut EP The Torpor of Minds in 2018, and a series of notable performances.

Photo by Brian Sparks.

Aural Air has already released two singles from the EP — Painted by Numbers and Karman Line, which are marked by nostalgia for lost people and places across generations and lifetimes. Third single Night by Night deals with the debris of a past relationship in the face of future renewal that sticks with the artist’s growingly popular enigmatic, and haunting dream-folk musical style.

“The melody became an affirmation that circled around my mind on loop, in defiance of everything I wanted to move on from,” she says. It felt natural to layer it with heaps of delay and modulation on the guitar, this created a sense of movement and warping of reflections into something new”.

Listen to Imagined Pastures below and follow Aural Air on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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