Indie Roundup | 74 Songs To Get You Through the Weekend (Part 2)

Son Of The Velvet Rat, OK Go, Moon Taxi and plenty more keep the music coming.

Son Of The Velvet Rat mess about, OK Go repeat themselves, Dennis Lloyd is panic-stricken, Moon Taxi have their say — but your Weekend Roundup is really just hitting its stride. Better pace yourself; you’ve still got a long way to go.


26 | Son Of The Velvet Rat | Beautiful Disarray

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Austrian duo Son Of The Velvet Rat — now based in Joshua Tree, Calif. — will release Solitary Company, their ninth album (and first in the U.S.) on March 19. Here’s a preview: Beautiful Disarray. Says bandmember Georg Altziebler: “The song Beautiful Disarray was inspired by Alfred Kubin’s novel The Other Side, about a parallel universe “behind the clouds.” Certainties are a fool’s game, ambiguity offers beauty and solace. Austrian artist Heidi Fial created and designed the video using found footage. In her film two worlds collide, mingle and unite — both unreal in their own respective ways. The edited private archive footage shows historical amateur film scenes from the Viennese Prater (famous amusement park in Vienna) in the 1930s and sequences from the 1927 silent movie The Prey of the Wind.”

27+28 | OK Go | This Will Be Our Year (Lo-Fi Version & Hi-Fi Version)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “To start off the year on a positive note, famed rock band OK Go have released the EP This Will Be Our Year (Lo-Fi vs. Hi-Fi versions). The EP features a Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi version of The Zombies’ classic single. Said OK Go frontman Damian Kulash: “This Will Be Our Year is one of my favorite songs of all time, and it’s more timely than ever. After such a catastrophic year — so much that we rely on just crumbling beneath our feet — it feels good to add a drop to the world’s bucket of hope and optimism. Like the song says, this year was a long time coming, and I pray we look back on it as the time when things got better.”

29 | Dennis Lloyd | Anxious

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Multi-platinum international artist Dennis Lloyd has released the single and video Anxious, from his forthcoming debut album set for release later this year. It chronicles what is described as his “darkest period in his life.” While Dennis’ 2018 single Nevermind was becoming a global success, things couldn’t be more stressful and tense for him behind the scenes. Dennis states: “It was the first time I experienced a panic attack. My head was spinning, heart pounding. I felt like the world was collapsing around me but eventually it was all just in my head. It was a horrible time.”

30 | Moon Taxi | Say

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Nashville alt-rockers Moon Taxi have released their sixth album Silver Dream. Said vocalist Trevor Terndrup: “Memories, especially good ones, have a soft, lustrous shine in our mind. We called the album Silver Dream to honor those memories. Was it as beautiful as you remember or was it all a dream? Silver Dream is a step into the unknown and a step out of the unknown. We are hopefully on the tail end of the craziest year of our lives. And at the same time, we are walking into a new era of music. Maybe there will be a silver lining to 2020.”

31 | The Wanted | Before The Fall

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “On their album Strange Flight, out March 26, The Wanted return with another collection of honest and gritty roots music. It’s a sound the Toronto group have honed since releasing their self-titled debut. They offer a taste of Strange Flight with Before The Fall. Natalie Rogers states: “The songs chosen for this album are a true reflection of how our sound has evolved over the last few years as a result of streamlining what each of us brings to the group, both as songwriters and performers. I liken it to a distillation process that has been happening to The Wanted since our last album, and this is the refined product. A little aged with a smoky finish.”

32 | Fellowcraft | This is How The World Ends

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Washington indie-prog band Fellowcraft unveil their emotional video This Is How the World Ends. The song is the fourth single from their upcoming album This Is Where You’ll Find Me, due out Feb. 26. This Is How the World Ends provides a detailed and emotional narrative of the anxiety and profound sense of loneliness that can come from abusing social media — an activity that we can all relate with, particularly during these strange times we are living in 2020 during a global pandemic and widespread quarantines in most places.”

33 | Dee Mula | Respect

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Memphis rapper Dee Mula returns with another reason to show him some Respect. Fresh from his last three singles Weekend, Back to Back and his latest Water, featuring labelmate Big 30, he releases the video for the title track Respect. Mula pours his heart into the lyrics, asking for loyalty and trust, asking for nothing more than he deserves. A softer side to the hip hop artist, Mula shows another dynamic to his persona in this easily relatable song. The Benmarc-directed visual opens with him alone in a room looking noticeably conflicted. Despite the heaviness of his words, he still cracks a smile as he makes hand gestures of stringing a violin.”

34 | JP Sunga | In My Bones

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Waterloo musician JP Sunga recently released his new single In My Bones and just premiered his new video. Exploring the relatable themes of self-doubt and mustering up the strength to find confidence in oneself, In My Bones is an anthem for all those who feel the drive to pursue a passion, no matter how long they have tried to suppress it. Says Sunga: “Sometimes we get in the way of ourselves when pursuing our own goals or dreams. In My Bones is about finally surrendering to the idea that you WILL achieve what your heart knows you are fully capable of achieving. It is essentially an anthem that celebrates overcoming self-doubt.”

35 | The Letter Z | Right Vibe, Wrong Location

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:The Letter Z has released the single and video Right Vibe, Wrong Location, from his forthcoming debut EP The Last Letter. Hailing from Toronto, Z references iconic R&B acts from the ’90s and 2000s while evoking elements of contemporary trap and hip-hop. Says The Letter Z: “Right Vibe, Wrong Location is a sexually driven song depicting the intentions and desires of a man for a woman that seems so close yet is so far away. Especially when the vibe doesn’t match the time or the place. One can only develop a yearning so deep that it’s hard to ignore. The drums and the keys accompanied by the melodic harmonies are the driving force behind the song’s intentions.”

36 | Layla Kardan | Loyalty

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Layla Kardan unveils Loyalty, another cut from her upcoming EP Abscission, set for release on Feb. 26. Loyalty, says Layla is a song about “taking a stance before entering a new relationship by laying your cards out instead of re-enacting the same toxic patterns, because loyalty doesn’t come easy.” Her deep self-reflection and personal growth through the song result in a new found unapologetic poise, her innocence replaced with a truth-telling filled story, bolstered by her ability to influence emotion. Loyalty shows a mature artist capable of creating powerful self-empowering R&B-tinged dark-pop, filled with tales of love and loss.”

37 | Nia John & Wolf Storm | Total Eclipse Of The Heart

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Led by Nia JohnWolf Storm were founded in 2019 in South Wales and have established themselves as one of the country’s top cover bands. They’ve just released a version of Bonnie Tyler’s immortal Total Eclipse of the Heart, capturing the emotion of the original but adding some of their own magic too. Nia’s recent release of music comes from her sixth album, recorded at Shabbey Road studios by Al Steele.”

38 | Wassailer | Song For Elsa

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Wassailer, the pseudonym of London-based multi-talent Will Serfass, has just dropped a new heartfelt video and single Song for Elsa, taken from his upcoming debut album as a solo artist since leaving indie-pop trio We Were Evergreen. Song for Elsa is the singer’s fourth teaser from his album I, The Bastard, which lands on Jan. 27.”

39 | Daemon Grey | Isolated

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Today is an exciting day for Daemon Grey. The band just dropped their debut album Follow Your Nightmares, featuring the single and video Isolated. It is a song about the fight for truth and embracing one’s vulnerability and how this can often lead to a sense of separateness from the world. As Grey puts it, “we wanted to treat it more like an abstract short film. Our vision was a more mature, slick video with horror movie influences and raw emotion. Being a huge fan of horror movies, I brought the horror concept to the table. Rich (video director) found the perfect house, set the mood, and brought it to life. The storyline itself follows the meaning and tone of the track.”

40 | Julius Black | Electric Blue

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “The 19-year-old singer-songwriter Julius Black has a gift for channelling complex emotions into deceptively simple alt pop songs. Julius is set to cement his burgeoning reputation with today’s release of his debut EP Dopamine and the single Electric Blue. Julius says, “Electric Blue is about letting go of the great race, some ugly ambition that comes out of my ego, and just letting life flow without resisting it.”

41 | Snowk | Miyanomori (ft. Froya)

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Rising DJ and production duo, Snowk released their album Powder today. It’s accompanied by a psychedelic music video for Miyanomori ft. Froya. Snowk say: “Snowk was formed exactly two winters ago. We have been blessed with a lot of good fortune, and all of our collaborations have been wonderful and thoughtful in their own way. From the time of our formation to the release of this album, we have been pursuing the uniqueness in our craft and we hope that you feel it when listening to this album. This is the first chapter of Snowk, but not the last.”

42 | Ada Morghe | Lean On Me

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Ada Morghe commences 2021 in style by releasing her new EP Box. The EP features the track Lean On Me. It marks a subtle stylistic evolution in Ada’s sound. Her warmly enveloping vocal shines just as strongly as it did throughout Box, but this time it adorns an intimate acoustic folk arrangement. It’s a song which succinctly conveys the power of life’s most essential emotion — a parent’s unconditional love and support for their children. “There are only two lasting things we can hope to give our children,” says Ada. “One is roots, the other is wings. I wrote Lean On Me for my daughters to make sure they never forget that I will always be there. No matter how convoluted their ways become or how far away they might be, I am there to lean on.”

43 | Halina Rice | Terrain

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Experimental electronic musician / AV artist Halina Rice enters the new year with a sublime, mood-melding track Terrain, juxtaposing ambient soundscapes alongside driving polyrhythmic beats. It forms part of Halina’s New Worlds project, a series of tracks, each with their own visual identity and world. Halina explains: “In writing this track I felt infused with a sense of energy and optimism and of trying to convey how creative drive can assert itself from nothing.”

44 | Ink To Spill | Chalk Lines

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Virginia Beach alternative rock band Ink to Spill’s latest single Chalk Lines tackles society’s ongoing battle with police brutality. The melodic track draws inspiration from the tremendous sense of loss that Americans have faced over the years and Ink to Spill hope to honor those lives with the release of their new single. Coming off of a turbulent year like 2020, their single couldn’t be any more topical. Says bandmember Bob Sauer: “As a young person, I had a few scrapes and traffic stops with the authorities, but I can’t imagine what it’s like to be concerned that one of those events could turn into loss of life in an instant.”

45 | Oxidize | One Reason

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Swedish melodic metal combo Oxidize proudly announce the worldwide release of their new single One Reason. Oxidize’s latest album Dark Confessions is available now.”

46 | Rest Easy | Get Busy Dyin’

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Vancouver punks Rest Easy consist of members of Daggermouth and Shook Ones. The band just released Get Busy Dyin‘, the first single off their upcoming Sick Day EP, out Feb. 12. Rest Easy’s Sick Day EP was recorded by Tim Creviston (Misery Signals) and mixed/mastered by Paul Miner at Buzzbomb Studios (Death By Stereo, Thrice).”

47 | Still Creek Crows | White Lines

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Still Creek Crows is the new project from long-time friends Britt McKillip and Matt Rose. As one half of the duo One More Girl, McKillip is one of the country’s most in-demand session singers. As a member of the roots outfit The Matinée, Rose has developed a reputation for his engaging, dynamic performances and multi-instrumentalism. Their debut single White Lines has hook-filled harmonies and hints of Americana, pop, folk, country and more. White Lines serves as the lead track off their forthcoming self-titled debut, available later this year.”

48 | Unrivaled | Doppelganger

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Cincinnati al-punk band Unrivaled released Doppelganger, the third track off of their upcoming debut Quarter Life Crisis, set to drop on Jan. 29. Says guitarist Jimmy Alexander: “Doppelganger is one of our more “out there” rock tracks. We don’t use a traditional verse section. We utilize the bass to bring a different approach to our song structure. It’s a different vibe to what we’ve released before. The slow build is complemented with a fast and hard hitting pre-chorus creating a truly dynamic track. If you’re looking for something upbeat, shredy, and even with a dance beat, you’ll take a liking to Doppelganger.”

49 | Dead Exaltation | Omnia Mors Aequat

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Indian technical/progressive death metal trio Dead Exaltation unveil the third and final single from their upcoming album. It’s accompanied by a lyric video that incorporates some disturbing visuals alongside the musical assault. The album, Despondent, features the absolute finest of South Asian extreme metal musicianship and songwriting, balancing a progressive approach with old-school atmosphere.”

50 | Saint Raymond | Alright

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Saint Raymond’s new songs demonstrate a huge step forward from his Top 10 debut Young Blood without compromising the qualities that so many people first admired. That evolution continues as he shares his new track Alright. Saint Raymond, real name Callum Burrows, said, “Alright is the last song I wrote for the record. I wrote it in Finland on one of my favourite ever weeks away, working with some amazing people. The song is about mental health and the fact that it’s alright to be down and that’s normal to feel that way, but you’ve got to try to find a way out of the darkness.”

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