Sorrell Tug On Your Heartstrings For Once

The Leicester quartet's latest track could be their most dreamy & contemplative yet.

Sorrell play for keeps on their new single For Once — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Leicester quartet’s latest track is arguably their most dreamy and contemplative single yet, with gorgeous guitar lines providing a counter-melody to floating vocal harmonies, offering a performance drenched in emotion. The rest of the instrumentation backs up this melancholy feeling with more layers of ethereal guitar swirling around your ears, accompanied perfectly by a subdued arrangement on the drums and bass, rising and falling with the tension that slowly builds throughout the track.

For Once is a song that combines a lot of our different sonic influences, going from a mellow dream-pop song into a heavier, experimental rock song,” singer-guitarist Dylan Lee says. “I was influenced by slowcore bands such as Duster and Low during the writing of it, trying to give it a similar hollow, bittersweet feeling to the song. It’s about dealing with existential dread, and the mild anxiety about the everyday, yet still having the hope of escaping from it.”

Made up of Lee on vocals and guitar, Sebastian Zamfirescu on guitar, Noel Walker-O’Dowd on bass and Robin Smith on drums, Sorrell formed at Leicester University, quickly earning a reputation for their unique combination of dreamy, psychedelic pop and abrasive post-punk sounds. Their first EP Wait For Bliss debuted in 2022.

Check out For Once above, hear more from Sorrell below, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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