Juno Would Like To Do It One More Time

The indie quintet's first release of 2023 jumps right into the action & doesn't let up.

Juno can’t get enough in their new single One More Time — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The indie quintet’s first release of 2023 jumps right into the action with a screaming lead guitar line. We are then welcomed into a bed of intricate, chorus-drenched arpeggios, with a flurry of instrumental layers creating a fast-paced ambience. Echoing this high-intensity feel, the evolving distorted bass and lively drum part accent the dynamic energy of the track, building distinct grooves in the breakdown before the climax of the track. Across the entire runtime, lead vocalist Max Mullen delivers an impassioned performance, driving home a cutting emotional atmosphere that brings together the grit of the instrumentation.

“We wanted to move into a more creative space that was more in-line with our music tastes as the band has matured,” the band say. “We were looking for the sound that you get when you watch us live, a raw and unapologetic recording. The new sound is set to stir the pot and give people a good reason to take notice.”

Juno are an indie alternative band that formed in Hampshire and are now based in Liverpool. They consist of Mullen, Ben Coles and George Vinall on guitar, Will Clawson on drums and Tom Greathead on bass. Since forming, Juno they have left their print on many venues with their electrifying live performances.

After their debut single Do You Want Me saw success in 2019, the band got back in the studio and followed it up with She’s It. The next year, Juno continued their growth with Better For It. Since then, they have released two new singles and in 2021, pursued a successful U.K. tour of major cities.

Check out One More Time above, hear more from Juno below, and follow them on Instagram.


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