Chel Hits The Sweet Spot

The British R&B artist’s latest is laced with audacity, confidence and flirtatiousness.

Chel puts you in the Sweet Spot on her new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest track from the British R&B artist is laced with audacity, confidence and flirtatiousness. It ventures further into the sounds from her last EP Love.Obsession.Lust, bringing in the influences of Afropop and giving us a fresh new direction. The beat features punchy kick drums and bouncy percussion which surround your ears. These relaxing rhythms are layered with enticing guitar melodies, glittery keys and the hum of a warm but hard-hitting bass. Spacious instrumentation sets a foundation for the alluring vocal performance, with Chel’s glamorous layers of vocal harmonies and self-assured lead line creating a gorgeous and polished final track.

“I wanted to express how I love on the person I’m interested in,” she says. “I’m intentional and focused, more importantly I have fun. The dating game can be fake, everyone is pretending, and people often can’t meet the expectations they set. I like to be real, honest and in the moment. I value the same in return, so I wrote about it.”

Growing up in a suburb of North London, Chel’s teenage desire to create music led to her subsequent enrolment in a school of performing arts, where she honed her innate talents. In 2017 she started to play at open mics and by 2018, her first EP Reclaiming My Love was released into the world. Since then, Chel has collaborated with the likes of C Cane and Joey K for I Got It and Love Me. A multi-faceted creator, her video production prowess was shown in her videos for Next Level and Pesa (Give It All). After the release of two EPs in 2021, the artist has shown her talents, potential and ferocity to the world.

Check out Sweet Spot above, here more from Chel below, and follow her on Instagram and TikTok.


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