Jack Browning Introduces His Blue Eyed Son

The folksinger unveils the latest preview of his upcoming album Red Eye Radio.

Jack Browning paints a haunting portrait of his Blue Eyed Son in his gothic new folk-blues single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest preview of the London folksinger-songwriter’s upcoming debut album Red Eye Radio, the darkly intense Blue Eyed Son combines a bluesy melody with soulful vocals, summarizing the depth and talent that define Browning and his sound. Lyrical, the track is seeped in murder, blood and religious imagery straight out of the Old Testament:

“Well my hands did shake, and my rifle quaked,
And the whole world was awakened in blood
Had my arms out-reached, his body bound and meek
As I waited for the coming flood
Why did you see my blue-eyed son?
Your hard work is nearly done
Them cold nights are pulling on in,
This whole world reeking of sin.”

Speaking of hard work: Red Eye Radio came into being between October 2022 and January 2023 with renowned producer Dan Lucas and a pool of talented musicians, including Rick Kent, Patrick Lyons, Wiza Kaluba, Brant Tilds, Wes Brooks and Crosby Coford. The result is a cohesive record with a narrative thread running through each track — all thanks to Browning’s leadership and talented songwriting ear.

Photo by Rob Blackham.

Red Eye Radio is more than just an album; it’s a journey through the heart and soul of an artist who has finally found his voice. Browning’s ability to craft songs that resonate with authenticity and emotion promises to leave a lasting impact on the music landscape. Not bad for a creation he calls “a totally unforeseen accident.”

“I had resigned myself to thinking I couldn’t write a song that was worth a damn, and that the world might be telling me that this music thing might not be for me. The worst part was that it felt like I might even be OK with that,” he says. “That was until September 2022, when having graduated university and returning to construction, I realised I was at somewhat of a juncture and had to silence that voice in my head.

“One of my closest friends, Rob, and my fiancee Anne had laid down an ultimatum years before: ‘When you’re ready, let’s do it.’ So, on a train home, covered in drywall dust and with my dreams having never felt further away, I phoned them and we booked in two days recording … It became infinitely clear in that first two-day session that with finished songs and the ideas I had still to flesh out, I might have an album with me.

Photo by Rob Blackham.

“In the end, we had three weeks across the winter of 2022 and ’23 at The Joplin House here in the U.K. Engineered, produced and eventually mixed by Dan Lucas, I’d found a partnership with him and the guys who would form the band that I thought was only in my past life. I went from feeling that I’d peaked as a teenager playing around Europe to feeling like the best might yet be to come.”

Indeed. Based on Red Eye Radio, the 25-year-old folk artist from London wouldn’t be out of place in Nashville. It’s an album promising to captivate listeners and get under their skin with its modern blend of traditional folk, dirty blues, rock and alt-country influences, showcasing Browning’s heartfelt lyrical prowess and distinctive storytelling.

Browning’s musical journey has taken him far and wide. In his teenage band, he toured Europe with Jeff Beck, Joss Stone and Gregory Porter. Now he draws inspiration from iconic alt-country musicians like Neil Young, Tom Petty, Tom Waits, Calexico and Bruce Springsteen, as well as folk legends like Townes Van Zandt and John Prine. His commitment to preserving the tradition of great songwriting while infusing it with his unique perspective has garnered him a devoted following.

Check out Blue Eyed Son above, hear more from Jack Browning below, and set your sights on his website, Instagram and Twitter.


Photo by Rob Blackham.