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Albums Of The Week: Wheeler Walker Jr. | Sex, Drugs & Country Music

Musical satirist Ben Hoffman's fourth collection of hilariously lewd, crude and rude ditties is guaranteed to offend everyone who takes their country music too seriously.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Redneck country all-star — and Nashville’s public enemy No. 1 — Wheeler Walker Jr. is back from a forced retirement with his fourth album Sex, Drugs & Country Music.

Wheeler teamed up again with legendary Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb for the album (except the song God Told Me To F*ck You, which was produced by someone else). In response to the growing #CancelWheeler movement ahead of his new album, an unknown party launched www.CancelWheeler.com, to allow his faultfinders to pre-cancel him. After signing up, pre-cancelers will be put on a safe and secure list to receive Sex, Drugs & Country Music and other merch right at release, allowing them to be the first to burn it on social media.

Despite public outcry to silence the not-so-underground country star, Wheeler became the third-most-streamed country artist in the world during his retirement in 2021, a fact that Nashville’s top brass have tried to ignore. To date, Wheeler has sold over one million records worldwide and been streamed more than five billion times.

That period also saw the growth of Wheeler’s fanbase, including new supporters like Snoop Dogg, Killer Mike and Bob Dylan. Wheeler blushes and laughs at the mention of Bob Dylan. “How’d you find that out! I didn’t tell anybody! Must’ve been someone on his side who leaked it.”

When pressed for more details, Wheeler continues: “When Bob Dylan calls you it’s not like when a normal person calls. It’s an event. It’s planned. You have to wait by the phone, a bunch of his people get you ready, and then Dylan gets on and just laughs and he told me he ‘got it’ and he’s a huge fan and listens to my albums on repeat.”

If he is not cancelled by offended country music purists, Wheeler is also launching his 2022 Comeback Tour.”