Tinnitist TV | Episode 101: Jock Bartley of Firefall

The veteran guitarist talks cover tunes, playing with Gram Parson and plenty more.

Jock Bartley knows a great classic rock track when he hears one. And he should. After all, he and his band Firefall wrote a few of their own back in the ’70s — including You Are The Woman, Just Remember I Love You and Strange Way.

On their aptly titled new album Friends & Family, the long-running Colorado band turn the tables and cover some vintage hits by former tourmates and bandmates like The Doobie Brothers, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Band, Gram Parsons, Heart and more. But instead of just Xeroxing the songs, Bartley and co. reimagine them with inventive arrangements and instrumentation, putting their own new stamp on a collection of old favourites. A few weeks before Friends & Family arrived, Bartley Zoomed in to talk about cover tunes, the band’s 50th anniversary, his time with Parsons and plenty more. Enjoy.


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