Tinnitist TV | Episode 102: Jesse Matthewson of KEN mode

The noise-rock veteran on Null and Void, taking care of business, injuries & more.

KEN mode mean business. In more ways than one.

For more than 20 years, these noise-rockers have been one of the heaviest, hardest-hitting bands to come out of the Great White North and inflict themselves on an unsuspecting world. And their latest album Void — the deeper, darker and more doom-laden companion to their 2022 release Null — continues their reign of sonic terror (though it also spotlights their continuing creative evolution, thanks to the recent of addition keyboardist and sax player Kathryn Kerr). Behind all that brawn, however, KEN mode have no shortage of brains: Singer-guitarist Jesse Matthewson and his drummer brother Shane — whom I’ve known since they were teenagers — both have commerce degrees that they’ve put to good use for themselves and other artists. As they prepared to hit the road again, Jesse Zoomed in to talk about Void, recovering from surgery, Rollins encounters and tons more. Enjoy.


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