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Scorpions | Blackout Promo Poster

Which came first: The Fish or the Scorpions? It is a mystery for the ages!! Yes!!

“Hallo everybody!! We are Scorpions band!! And we are back!! Yes!! Thank you!! But this time we are not back with a new album!! No!! And we are not back with a new DVD!! No again!! We are not back with another reunion tour!! Or another farewell tour!! Or even a new power ballad for making the smoochy!! No for the third, fourth and fifth times!! Instead, we are back to tell you about this awesome poster!! Yes!! Feast your eyes upon it!! Is it not glorious!! Yes it is!! Thank you!! It is a big glossy poster that was put out in 1982 to promote our Blackout album!! You can tell this because it has the word Blackout in big letters all down the left side!! Yes!! Thank you!! But look at how cleverly our name is positioned!! It looks like the man with the forks over his eyes is yelling it!! Is that not brilliant!! No!! Wait, I mean yes!! Thank you!! The cover is a self-portrait by noted German artist Gottfried Helnwein!! Though I’m pretty sure I also saw it on a Country Joe and The Fish album once!! But I don’t know which came first, The Fish or Scorpions!! It is truly a mystery for the ages!! Yes!! In any case, if you would like to own this poster and have it rock you like a hurricayeene, email the editor of Tinnitist!! He’d be happy to sell it to you!! Yes!! Thank you!! Goodnight!!”

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