Weekend Mixtape | More Than 250 Songs That Will Overpower You (Side 3)


Welcome to another Bandcamp Friday — or Handcramp Friday, as I like to call it after clicking, scrolling, typing, cutting and pasting my way through more than 1,000 emails, notifications and assorted links. The result? Why, it’s this collection of 250-plus new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, golden oldies, unburied treasures and live performances — most of which you won’t find anywhere else. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 🔥. Feel the burn:



1🔥 Sea of Shit | Dormancy

2Dying Fetus | Unbridled Fury

3Catholic Guilt | Live for The Rush

4Dad Hats | RWD

5🔥 Anti-Flag | Shallow Graves (ft. Tré Burt)

6Hanging Garden | The Fireside

7Morgan Garrett | Fall & Walk

8Rexoria | Paradigm

9Tilintetgjort | Mercurial

10Haunt | Fight The Good Fight

11From Ashes To New | Nightmare

12Mosaic | Over

13Wisdom & War | Killing Joke

14Sam Astaroth x Swipe Right | Monster

15KNTC | Hunting Hunters Hunting Preys

16Thulcandra | Frozen Kingdom (Live)

17National Napalm Syndicate | Venomous Encounters

18🔥 Electric Mob | Saddest Funk Ever

19Powerwolf | Poison

20Manigance | All Your Excesses

21L.A. Guns | You Betray

22Employed To Serve | Sun Up To Sun Down (Remix ft. Alien Weaponry)

23The Eurosuite | Body

24(Hed) P.E. | I Wanna Be Sedated

25🔥 Korrupt | Hail Seitan

26BleakHeart | No Way Out + Twilight Visions

27Kishi | Dead Lost Rumbled

28Runemagick | Endless Night And Eternal End

29Morwinyon | Devouring Flames

30Kommand | Chimera Soldiers

31🔥 Them Guns | Acid Plane

32Blood Runs Cold | Residuals + Kill Yourself

33🔥 Broadway Calls | Dead Before I Hit The Ground + Scrambled Eggs & Wobbly Legs

34.gif from god | A Kiss For Every Hornet

35Monovoth | Our Colossal Sins

36Xentrifuge | T​.​O​.​Y​.​S. – Taste of Your Sin

37🔥 Terminal | R.A.T.S.

38Brain Tourniquet | Little Children Working

39🔥 My Hair Is A Rat’s Nest | Fragment