Weekend Mixtape | More Than 250 Songs That Will Overpower You (Side 2)


Welcome to another Bandcamp Friday — or Handcramp Friday, as I like to call it after clicking, scrolling, typing, cutting and pasting my way through more than 1,000 emails, notifications and assorted links. The result? Why, it’s this collection of 250-plus new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, golden oldies, unburied treasures and live performances — most of which you won’t find anywhere else. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks are tagged with a 🔥. Feel the burn:



1🔥 The Hollywood Stars | Still Around

2🔥 El No | Do You Money?

3Patrick Krief | Let It Go

4Big Words | You’re So Wonderful

5Sigur Rós | Untitled #1: Vaka (Remastered)

6Lili-Ann De Francesco | IDC Reprise (ft. Preston Pablo)

7Grand Public | Lundi Normal

8Cal in Red | Corvette

9🔥 Maris | False Idol

10Hong Faux | Starkiller

11Claire Rosinkranz | Sad In Hawaii

12Rain Over St. Ambrose | Popsong!!

13🔥 Cosmic Crooner | Spoiler Alert

14Pearz | International Lovers (ft. Kuntessa)

15Bitter Kisses | Pr*y

16The Reds, Pinks & Purples | Life In The Void

17Monica Queen | I Gave You Love

18Sugababes | Too Lost In You (ft. BBC Concert Orchestra)

19Al Jarreau | Let’s Pretend (Live 1984)

20Color Palette | Pharmacist

21🔥 Carlie Hanson | Blueberry Pancakes

22Gabby’s World | Closing Door

23Fool’s Union | America

24Bis | Lucky Night

25Abba | Mamma Mia

26Klone | Apnea

27🔥 Your Ex And I | If You’d Only

28🔥 M.A.G.S. | Elephant

29Sacha | Confident (ft. Tyler Shaw)

30Forest Green | Glass

31Granfalloon | RUExperienced? (ft. Test Card Girl)

32Whitney’s Playland | Rain Song

33SM6 | Generation Heartbreak

34Instant Empire | Tiny Flashes

35Kauan | Sokea Sisar

36Geiste | Ashes

37Universal Honey | Time Blindness

38Da Nang | Don’t Hate Me

39Chase Tremaine | Tired Side Of Content

40🔥 Riot For Romance | Karma Police

41🔥 Easy Sleeper | Going Down + Cold End

42Spare Snare | Ring To Me

43Blaue Blume | Crush

44Kristi Brud | Flammehav

45A Cloud of Ravens | Requiem For The Sun

46Deep Talk | Burn the Door

47🔥 Storefront Church & George Clarke | Waking Up (ft. Deafheaven)

48Feast of the Epiphany | Significance

49Deux Furieuses | Our Tribe Demo

50🔥 Penfriend | Porcupine

51El Universo | Stellar Brightness Caused By Planets

52Matweeds | Stay

53Walking Bombs | Adulation

54Lavender Diamond | Real Life I Love You (ft. Jim James)