Norine Braun | Cedar & The Eagle: Exclusive Video Premiere

The B.C. singer-songwriter flies through the treetops with her latest single & video.


Norine Braun shares the story of the Cedar & The Eagle in her new single and animated video — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

The latest thoughtful and timely offering from the Vancouver singer-songwriter’s recent concept album Songs For Trees, the breezy and flowing Cedar & The Eagle lifts you up and takes you a journey through the forest treetops as it outlines nature’s elegant balance and interdependence.

“Eagles can soar to great heights, yet they are still strongly connected to the earth,” Braun says. “Eagles are associated with vision, wisdom, and strength. Symbolically eagles remind us to take responsibility for one’s actions, healing nature and treading lightly as a matter of respect for Mother Earth.

“According to scientific evidence, trees are way more intelligent than we have ever imagined. Some of the findings of the tree-whisperer Peter Wohlleben are: Trees can feel pain, and they have emotions such as fear. They like to stand close to each other and cuddle. Trees adore company and like to take things slow. Be like the trees and care. Trees are the lungs of the planet. They are the most crucial living organisms on Earth, affecting our environment more than anything else. They are fundamental to the continuity of life on the planet. They are our salvation and the key to abating climate change at a pivotal time of the healing for this world.”

Director, animator and designer Dylan Moore of Outhouse Cartoons once again captures Braun’s lyrical imagery with his video. Using the lyrics of the song, he illustrates a walk through the forest where the singer/songwriter takes us on a psychedelic journey though the woods. Moore is best known for his humour in works like The Snot That Ate Port Harry (2019), The Case of the Midnight Murderer (2013) and Pork Cops: Smells Like Justice (2014).

Braun’s 13th album, Songs For Trees was produced by Adam Popowitz, who also played lead guitar and bass alongside Elliot Polsky on drums and percussion, Alice Fraser on keyboards, and Huggybear Leonard on blues harp, harmonica, ocarina and penny whistle, with Braun supplying rhythm guitar in addition to lead vocals.

Emotional, heartfelt and eclectic, Braun is an award-winning artist (Western Canadian Music Award nominee, Banff Centre Musician in Residence, Los Angeles Independent Music Awards, SIBL International Songwriting Competition). Her music is described as “delicious alt-rock with bluesy country hues.” Braun released her 12th album December Falls for Christmas 2020. It was heralded as a new seasonal release worth putting under your tree.

Watch the video for Cedar & the Eagle above, check out Songs For Trees below, hear more from Norine Braun at Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Apple, Amazon and YouTube, and keep up with her at her website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.