Lizzy & The Palm Want You To Catch Their Feelings

The singer-songwriter uses sincerity as a superpower on her debut single.


Lizzy & The Palm shares her Feelings in her melancholy and melodic new single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Highlighting Lizzy’s ability to use sincerity as a superpower, the heartfelt single uses her quiet vulnerabilities and introspective approach to human emotion to mirror the subtle nuances of love’s tender complexities. With captivatingly gentle and tranquil musical arrangements, Feelings masterfully showcases Lizzy’s exquisite and ethereal vocals, which seamlessly help to intertwine an emotive narrative with a soothing, melodic cadence. Using her vocal prowess, Lizzy artfully transports listeners into her realm of love, inviting them to experience the joys and vulnerabilities of infatuation.

Reflecting on her ambitions to seek out the deeper meaning of life, a profound need realized in her formative years when she lost her mother, Feelings resonates with the authentic exuberance and essence of her artistic expression. Born to an American musical theater composer for a father, and a French choreographer for a mother, Lizzy’s music invokes the passionate allure of eras long past. While her sonic repertoire spans the spectrum from cool and funky to opulent and playful, it’s her warm and crystalline vocals that harmonize her distinctive sonic identity.

A quality of yearning imbues her music with a certain enchantment, a mystical aura she fondly named The Palm, a homage to her mother, Marie de la Palme. After completing her high school journey, her expansive travels led her to find solace within the embrace of a thriving artistic community in Berlin, where her creative spirit blossomed. Today, she gracefully divides her time between Berlin and her native Southern California, a testament to her unwavering commitment to her craft and her connection with the global audience.

Legend has it that Lizzy didn’t cry at birth; she sang. Onstage, she captivates — easily melting the audience into giddy sing-a-longs and ringing with joyful sincerity. The daughter of an American musical theatre composer father and French choreographer mother, her music evokes the romantic ardour of bygone eras. While her sonic palette ranges from cool and funky to grandiose and playful, her warm, crystal clear voice is what unifies her sound.”

Check out Feelings above and below, and follow Lizzy And The Palm on Facebook and Instagram.


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