D2UR Are Looking For Some Help Right Now

The Winnipeg rockers seek answers to timely questions in their heavy new single.

D2UR want to know what’s happening in the world Right Now with their latest hard-hitting single — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The first of several new songs on the horizon for the Winnipeg rockers, Right Now is a muscular, moody and mesmerizing anthem fashioned from guitarist Mike Isbister‘s restrained yet potent fretwork, a martial drumbeat that builds into a thundering wall of rhythm, and singer Diane Isbister’s unwavering, gritty vocals about searching for answers in a world full of questions.

“During 2020, when the pandemic was at its peak, we hunkered down to write new songs,” the band say. “At the time, we latched onto a song now entitled Slippin’ Away, written about the pandemic and our way of life changing before our eyes. Right Now is a post-pandemic song seeking the truth behind what happened and what caused the pandemic. We all search for answers and places to find them. Maybe one day we will find out.”

Between the second verse and the chorus, Diane invites David Sikorski-Thorn’s electrifying guitar solo with a nudge from her powerhouse vocals. Additional musicians involved in the production and creation include John Colburn on bass guitar and Stephen Broadhurst on drums.

Three additional songs — Live Again, Remember My Name and Wasted Time — were written and recorded at the same time as Right Now, and will be released in the upcoming months. The band plan to cut another four songs soon, as they rehearse for an upcoming show at Winnipeg’s Park Theatre in spring 2023.

Check out Right Now above, hear more from D2UR below, and take a trip to their website, Twitter and Facebook.