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Next Week in Music | Sept. 27 – Oct. 3 • New Books

Steve, Styles, Kendrick, Prince and the rest of the musicians getting booked.

As P.T. Barnum said: “Nothing draws a crowd quite like a crowd.” I don’t know if ol’ Phineas Taylor was into music (other than Jenny Lind, of course), but I reckon even he would be able to appreciate the drawing power of next week’s jumbo-sized lineup of music books. Read all about it:


Unrequited Infatuations: A Memoir
By Stevie Van Zandt

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Uncover never-before-told stories in this epic tale of self-discovery by a rock ’n’ Roll disciple and member of The E Street Band. What story begins in a bedroom in suburban New Jersey in the early ’60s, unfolds on some of the country’s largest stages, and then ranges across the globe, demonstrating over and over again how rock ’n’ roll has the power to change the world for the better? This story. The first true heartbeat of Unrequited Infatuations is the moment when Stevie Van Zandt trades in his devotion to the Baptist religion for an obsession with rock ’n’ roll. Groups like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones created new ideas of community, creative risk, and principled rebellion. They changed him forever. While still a teenager, he met Bruce Springsteen, a like-minded outcast/true believer who became one of his most important friends and bandmates. As Miami Steve, Van Zandt anchored The E Street Band as they conquered the rock ’n’ roll world. And then, in the early ’80s, Van Zandt stepped away from E Street to embark on his own odyssey. He refashioned himself as Little Steven, a political songwriter and performer, fell in love with Maureen Santoro who greatly expanded his artistic palette, and visited the world’s hot spots as an artist/journalist to not just better understand them, but to help change them. Most famously, he masterminded the recording of Sun City, an anti-apartheid anthem that sped the demise of South Africa’s institutionalized racism and helped get Nelson Mandela out of prison. By the ’90s, Van Zandt had lived at least two lives — one as a mainstream rocker, one as a hardcore activist. It was time for a third. David Chase invited Van Zandt to be a part of his new television show The Sopranos — as Silvio Dante, he was the unconditionally loyal consiglieri who sat at the right hand of Tony Soprano (a relationship that oddly mirrored his real-life relationship with Bruce Springsteen). Underlying all of Van Zandt’s various incarnations was a devotion to preserving the centrality of the arts, especially the endangered species of rock. In the 21st century, Van Zandt founded a groundbreaking radio show (Little Steven’s Underground Garage), created the first two 24/7 branded music channels on SiriusXM (Underground Garage and Outlaw Country), started a fiercely independent record label (Wicked Cool), and developed a curriculum to teach students of all ages through the medium of music history. He also rejoined The E Street Band for what has now been a 20-year victory lap. ​Unrequited Infatuations chronicles the twists and turns of Van Zandt’s always surprising life. It is more than just the testimony of a globe-trotting nomad, more than the story of a groundbreaking activist, more than the odyssey of a spiritual seeker, and more than a master class in rock ”n’ roll (not to mention a dozen other crafts). It’s the best book of its kind because it’s the only book of its kind.”

Harry Styles: Adore You: The Illustrated Biography
By Carolyn McHugh

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Harry Styles is an English singer, songwriter, and actor. His musical career began in 2010 as a solo contestant on the British music competition series The X Factor. Following his elimination early on, he was brought back to join the boy band One Direction, which went on to become one of the best-selling boy bands of all time. Styles released his self-titled debut solo album in 2017. It debuted at No. 1 in the U.K. and the U.S., and became one of the best-selling albums of the year. Its lead single Sign of the Times topped the U.K. Singles Chart. Styles’ second album, Fine Line (2019), debuted atop the U.S. Billboard 200 with the biggest first-week sales by an English male artist in history. Throughout his career, Styles has earned several accolades, including a Brit Award, a Grammy, an American Music Award, two ARIA Music Awards, and a Billboard Music Award.”

Promise That You Will Sing About Me: The Power and Poetry of Kendrick Lamar
By Miles Marshall Lewis

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “A stunning, in-depth look at the power and poetry of one of the most consequential rappers of our time. Kendrick Lamar is one of the most influential rappers, songwriters and record producers of his generation. Widely known for his incredible lyrics and powerful music, he is regarded as one of the greatest rappers of all time. In Promise That You Will Sing About Me, pop culture critic and music journalist Miles Marshall Lewis explores Lamar’s life, his roots, his music, his lyrics, and how he has shaped the musical landscape. With incredible graphic design, quotes, lyrics and commentary from Ta-Nehisi Coates, Alicia Garza and more, this book provides an in-depth look at how Kendrick came to be the powerhouse he is today and how he has revolutionized the industry from the inside.”

Prince: A Portrait of the Artist In Memories & Memorabilia
By Paul Sexton

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Prince Rogers Nelson was a musical phenomenon who constantly reinvented himself throughout his long and colourful career, changing his style and even his name to keep his artistic output fresh and funky. Eccentric and flamboyant with an impressive vocal range, Prince influenced many other musicians with his trademark mix of funk, rock and R&B. In addition to his remarkable musical output, Prince helped other performers on their path to stardom, written songs for a variety of artists and even directed (and starred in) his own movies. He produced over 35 albums, including 10 that went platinum in a career that spanned five decades, with 100 million records sold worldwide. Fans around the world mourned his untimely death in 2016 but continue to buy records, books and memorabilia.”

Ode to a Tenor Titan: The Life and Times and Music of Michael Brecker
By Bill Milkowski

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “After John Coltrane, there was no more revered and profoundly influential saxophonist on the planet than Michael Brecker. For those coming of age in the 1970s, during that transitional decade when the boundaries between rock and jazz had begun to blur, Brecker stood as a transcendent figure. He was their Trane. Ode to a Tenor Titan follows Michael’s story from growing up in Philadelphia, finding his tenor sax voice during his brief stint at Indiana University, making his move to New York City in 1969 and taking the Big Apple by storm through the sheer power of his monstrous chops on the instrument. A commanding voice in jazz for four decades, Brecker possessed peerless technique (a byproduct of his remarkable work ethic and relentless woodshedding) and an uncanny ability to fit into every musical situation he encountered, whether it was as a ubiquitous studio musician (more than 900 sessions) for such pop stars as Paul Simon, James Taylor, Bruce Springsteen, Todd Rundgren, Chaka Khan and Steely Dan; playing with seminal fusion artists like Dreams, Billy Cobham and the Brecker Brothers; or collaborating with the likes of Frank Zappa, Charles Mingus, Pat Metheny and Herbie Hancock. But his biggest triumphs came as a bandleader during the last 20 years of his career, when he produced some of the most challenging, inspired, and visionary modern jazz recordings of his time. A preternaturally gifted player whose facility seemed almost superhuman, he was also modest to a fault and universally beloved by fellow musicians. After coming through a dark decade of heroin addiction, he turned his life around and became a beacon for countless others to lead clean and sober lives. At the peak of his powers, he was struck down by a rare preleukemic blood disease that sidelined him for two and a half years. He got off a sick bed to make a heroic comeback with his swan song Pilgrimage, which Pat Metheny called “one of the great codas in modern music history” and which earned him a posthumous Grammy Award in 2007. Michael Brecker was a player of tremendous heart and conviction as well a person of rare humility and kindness, and his story is one for the ages.”

BTS – Dynamite: The Story of the Superstars of K-Pop
By Carolyn McHugh

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, are a seven-member South Korean boy band composed of RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. Originally a hip-hop group, their musical style has evolved to include a wide range of genres. Their lyrics, often focused on personal and social commentary, touch on the themes of mental health, troubles of school-age youth, loss, the journey towards loving oneself, and individualism. After debuting in 2013 with their single album 2 Cool 4 Skool, BTS released their first Korean-language studio album Dark & Wild, and the Japanese- language studio album Wake Up, in 2014. The group’s second Korean studio album Wings (2016) was their first to sell one million copies in South Korea. By 2017, BTS crossed into the global music market, leading the Korean Wave into the United States and breaking numerous sales records. BTS became the fastest group since The Beatles to earn four No 1 U.S. Albums, doing so in less than four years. By 2020 they had become the biggest-selling band on the planet.”

When We Was Fab: The Birth of The Beatles
By Judith Kristen & Ruth McCartney

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Four lads from a small town called Liverpool changed the face of rock ’n’ roll forever. But their story is far more than one of music. It’s about having dreams and making them come true. It’s about the power of genuine friendship; it’s about believing in yourself — and others — and living a life filled with heart, tenacity, and passion. John, Paul, George and Ringo gave the musical world its Happily Ever After, and for this, a billion fans are eternally grateful. But, maybe even more than that, The Beatles’ story is a heartfelt reminder to every one of us that it’s not where you start that counts — it’s how you finish.”

The Beatles on Vinyl: The Must-Have Records for Your Collection
By Peter Chrisp

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Take a step back in time where we celebrate the greatest band that ever recorded on vinyl — their brilliant records, the sleeve art and the limited-edition extras of the records themselves. The entire collection that every Beatles fan must own on vinyl. The world would never be the same after the phenomenon that was The Beatles exploded on to the airwaves. We tell the stories behind every album and single released by the band through to Abbey Road on Sept. 26, 1969.”

Infinite Dead: A Daily Guide to Grateful Dead Concert Performances Volume 1: October
by David Cain

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Infinite Dead is a new, groundbreaking guide to Grateful Dead concerts. Authoritative and entertaining, Infinite Dead Volume 1 features detailed reviews of every Grateful Dead concert performed in the month of October — over 200 shows, including: The three-set, acoustic-electric performances at The Warfield in San Francisco and Radio City Music Hall in New York City; their five-night “final” stand at the Winterland Ballroom in 1974; and 13 Halloween performances, from their first in 1966 to their last in 1991. Also included in this volume is the band’s revival of Dark Star (10/9/89, Hampton Coliseum), St. Stephen (10/11/83, Madison Square Garden), and Turn On Your Love Light (10/16/81, Melkweg). Whether you’re a next-generation Deadhead just discovering their music or a long-time fan with an extensive collection of recordings, Infinite Dead brings the Grateful Dead concert experience alive again: Jerry Garcia’s soaring solos, Bob Weir’s energetic vocals, Phil Lesh’s bass bombs, Bill and Mickey’s Drums, Space, and so much more.”

Fender: 75 Years
By Dave Hunter

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Ubiquitous in the music world, Fender guitars and amplifiers are also icons in popular culture, their shapes and sounds instantly recognizable. Authoritatively written and lavishly illustrated, Fender: 75 Years is the officially licensed anniversary celebration of the company and its legendary instruments. Originating in Leo Fender’s modest radio and amplifier repair shop in Fullerton, California, the Fender Musical Instrument Corp. went on to become the world’s preeminent name in musical instruments. Today, Fender’s guitars, amplifiers, and script logo are recognizable even to those with only a casual interest in music. From Fender’s first instrument — a 1946 lap steel guitar — to Leo Fender’s groundbreaking early six-string guitar designs like the Esquire that set the standard for the electric guitar explosion to follow, author Dave Hunter traces Fender’s entire history to the present. All the innovations and landmark models are here, as well as legendary players who became synonymous with Fender instruments across musical genres. In addition to the instantly recognizable Telecaster and Stratocaster, Hunter examines Fender’s legendary offset guitars like the Mustang, Jazzmaster and Jaguar, and such lesser-known models as the Marauder, Coronado, Bronco, and more. The Jazz Bass and Precision Bass also feature, as do Fender’s acoustic guitars and workhorse amplifiers like the Bassman, Twin Reverb and Princeton, to name a few. Along the way, readers get in-depth scoops on the relationships dozens of players have enjoyed with Fender: Rock ’n’ roll pioneers like Hank Marvin and James Burton; classic-rock icons like Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton; blues legends Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Buddy Guy; alt-rock gods J Mascis and Kurt Cobain; more recent guitar heroes like Courtney Barnett, beabadoobee and H.E.R. … the list goes on. In addition, Hunter explores the work of the award-winning Fender Custom Shop and the guitars produced there. Illustrated throughout with rare images from company archives, Fender: 75 Years treats readers to rare behind-the-scenes views of the shop floor throughout the years, studio imagery of the guitars, rare period advertising and brochures, and performance images of Fender players. It’s the definitive look at the Fender’s first three-quarters of a century and a must-have for every guitar enthusiast.”

Immortal Axes: Guitars That Rock
By Lisa S. Johnson

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “From the photographer of the critically acclaimed 108 Rock Star Guitars comes a new collection of beautifully shot guitar photos, documenting the legendary instruments of B.B. King, Kurt Cobain, St. Vincent, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and more than 150 icons of rock. Armed with a macro lens, an incredible eye for detail, and a truly inspiring vision, Lisa S. Johnson is taking the world of fine art photography on a rock ’n’ roll ride. Johnson’s work conjures the abstract yet possesses a sensual and ethereal aura, illustrating the intimate wear of each instrument featured. Johnson’s debut book 108 Rock Star Guitars received rave reviews, and in Immortal Axes she raises the bar even further, capturing the imagination of music fans everywhere. Each intimate photograph is accompanied by a touch of musical history or an anecdote or personal storytelling moment. This stunning book is a must-have for guitar lovers and every reader who wants to know more about their favorite guitarists and the instruments they cherish. Additional artists include: Metallica, Black Sabbath, Jimmy Page, Tom Petty, Lita Ford, Susanna Hoffs, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Dave Grohl, Nancy Wilson, and Michael Anthony, to name a few.”

Bakersfield Guitars: The Illustrated History
By Willie Moseley

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “From out of the dust of California’s San Joaquin Valley … The Ventures only endorsed Mosrite guitars for about five years. But the legendary instrumental band’s use of the upstart guitar line in the mid-1960s was and is, for many musicians, the first band-brand affiliation they remember. That saga is part of the iconic guitar boom during that decade, which changed the American music scene forever. California’s guitar-centric surf music genre was going strong in the early part of that decade … but there ain’t no surf in Bakersfield, where numerous instrument builders and innovators were toiling in the gritty and dusty clime of Kern County. Bakersfield Guitars: The Illustrated History contains the compelling chronologies of numerous intriguing, born-in-Bakersfield guitar brands, including Mosrite, Hallmark, Gruggett, Standel (three different manufacturers), Encor, Epcor, Dobro (by Mosrite), GM Custom, Melobar, Osborne and Acoustic. Among the noted musicians whose recollections are documented here are Marshall Crenshaw, Tommy Shaw, Jorma Kaukonen, Jeff Carlisi, Fred Newell, Ed King, Chuck Seaton, Eugene Moles, Jim Shaw, Tim Bogert, Davie Allan, Jackson Smith and others.”

Politics as Sound: The Washington, DC, Hardcore Scene, 1978-1983
By Shayna Maskell

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Uncompromising and innovative, hardcore punk in Washington, D.C., birthed a new sound and nurtured a vibrant subculture aimed at a specific segment of the city’s youth. Shayna L. Maskell explores D.C.’s hardcore scene during its short but storied peak. Led by bands like Bad Brains and Minor Threat, hardcore in the nation’s capital unleashed music as angry and loud as it was fast and minimalistic. Maskell examines the music’s aesthetics and the unique impact of D.C.’s sociopolitical realities on the sound and the scene that emerged. As she shows, aspects of the music’s structure merged with how bands performed it to put across distinctive representations of race, class, and gender. But those representations could be as complicated and contradictory as they were explicit. A fascinating analysis of a punk rock hotbed, Politics as Sound tells the story of how a generation created music that produced — and resisted — politics and power.”

Fiddle Tunes from Mississippi: Commercial and Informal Recordings, 1920-2018
By Harry Bolick & Tony Russell

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “In 2015, University Press of Mississippi published Mississippi Fiddle Tunes and Songs from the 1930s by Harry Bolick and Stephen T. Austin to critical acclaim and commercial success. Roughly half of Mississippi’s rich, old-time fiddle tradition was documented in that volume, and Bolick has spent the intervening years working on this sequel. Beginning with Tony Russell’s original mid-1970s fieldwork as a reference, and later working with Russell, Bolick located and transcribed all of the Mississippi 78 rpm string band recordings. Some of the recording artists like the Leake County Revelers, Hoyt Ming and His Pep Steppers, and Narmour & Smith had been well known in the state. Others, like the Collier Trio, were obscure. This collecting work was followed by many field trips to Mississippi searching for and locating the children and grandchildren of the musicians. Previously unheard recordings and stories, unseen photographs and discoveries of nearly unknown local fiddlers, such as Jabe Dillon, John Gatwood, Claude Kennedy and Homer Grice, followed. Some 270 musical examples supplement the biographies and photographs of the 35five artists documented here. Music comes from commercial recordings and small pressings of 78 rpm, 45 rpm, and LP records; collectors’ field recordings; and the musicians’ own home tape and disc recordings. Taken together, these two volumes represent a delightfully comprehensive survey of Mississippi’s fiddle tunes.”

Trap History: Atlanta Culture and the Global Impact of Trap Music
by A.R. Shaw

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Set against the backdrop of America’s drug war, Atlanta’s urban communities, and the city’s vibrant music scene, Trap History takes an introspective look at the birth, rise, and global impact of Trap music. From past interviews and firsthand encounters with trap music artists such as T.I., Gucci Mane, Jeezy, Future and Migos, A.R. Shaw takes readers on a journey that is informative, entertaining, poignant, and inspiring. Trap History stands as the first book that firmly details the origins of the rap subgenre, trap music.”

The Remarkable Tale of Radio 1: The History of the Nation’s Favourite Station, 1967-95
By Robert Sellers

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “At its peak in the 1970s and ’80s, Radio 1 was the most-listened-to radio station in the world, commanding weekly audiences of up to 24 million listeners. It remains an iconic institution and one of the U.K.’s most famous brands, and yet its history and socio-cultural impact have never been fully documented. Drawing on archive material and first-hand interviews with DJs and key personnel, Robert Sellers pieces together the extraordinary story of Radio 1, from its beginning in 1967, as the legal alternative to pirate radio, through to 1993, when Dave Lee Travis resigned on air and controller Matthew Bannister dramatically overhauled the station.”

Machine Gun Kelly’s Hotel Diablo
By Eliot Rahal, Ryan Cady & Machine Gun Kelly

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Machine Gun Kelly revisits his 2019 album Hotel Diablo as he makes his debut in the world of comics! Between Heaven and Hell lies a waystation for the soul — a place where your deeds in life are the keys to your eternity in the afterlife — at the Hotel Diablo. And it’s Lydia Lopez’s first night behind the front desk. Every guest’s got a story to tell and a lesson to learn … Co-written by film and music superstar Machine Gun Kelly with Eliot Rahal (Archie Comics) and Ryan Cady (DC Comics). Art by Martin Morazzo (Ice Cream Man) and a host of talented illustrators.”

Alter Bridge: Tour of Horrors
By Alter Bridge, Emily Ryan Lerner & Nelson Blake II

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “When one of Alter Bridge’s roadies goes missing, they find a ghoulish replacement! And what better way to pass the time between gigs than with four terrifying tales that are sure to keep you up all night! Join Alter Bridge, writer Emily Ryan Lerner (Marvel, HBO) and more for a spine-tingling ride through the supernatural.”