Basset Gaze Upon An Uncertain Future At Their Feet

The Toronto folk duo share the meditative closing cut from their In The Clay album.


Basset paint a darkly soothing landscape of our turbulent and tumultuous times with their latest single and video At My Feet — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The newest single and closing track from the acoustic folk duo’s album In The Clay is a meditative display that takes inspiration from singer-songwriters Sam Clark and Yasmine Shelton’s travels around Northern Ontario, the Canadian and American prairies, and their lives in the bustling city of Toronto. Through their flawless harmonies and soft acoustic melodies, At My Feet explores the fears of a world holding on by a thread.

“We weren’t even planning to release it because it was so new, but that song felt like a release, an exhale of something we’ve been holding onto for years,” they say. “There was a freedom in that song that we had never been able to give to a performance before that moment.”

The raw honestly of At My Feet was a product of last-minute decision-making. They had a few hours left while recording the album, and even though this song was only a few weeks old, after previewing it to the production team, everyone knew it had to go on the record.

“We made a quick chart for the bass player and recorded it all live right off the floor with just guitar, bass, and vocals,” they say. “It quickly became one of our favourite songs on the album.”

The songs that were captured for the album In The Clay, produced by Joshua Van Tassel, explore themes of change and the natural world that came to the forefront of their minds as Clark and Shelton transitioned from a life of academia into their passion of music. Basset’s true inventiveness comes from their vocal harmonies that create a unique partnership described as twin flames wrapped around each other in a warm fire.

Watch the video for At My Feet above, listen to In The Clay below, and find Basset at their website, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.