Indie Roundup | 26 Songs To Supersize Your Saturday

Rock up your weekend with the help of Bobby Lees, Sepultura, Nina Simone & more.

The Bobby Lees flip a coin, Mark Anthony and Lyte Speed boogie on, Sepultura mean business, Odario lights up and more in today’s special Saturday Roundup. There goes the rest of your day. Sorry.


1 | The Bobby Lees | Coin

THE PRESS RELEASE:The Bobby Lees‘ new record Skin Suit was produced by underground punk legend Jon Spencer of the Blues Explosion and will be released on May 8. The Bobby Lees are a young bone-shaking Garage Rock band out of Woodstock, NY. In the past year they’ve played with The Chats, Future Islands, Boss Hog, Daddy Long Legs, Shannon & The Clams and Murphy’s Law. They will be on tour in the US and Europe throughout 2020. Their sound mixes classic garage-punk hits with raw and emotive storytelling.”

2 | Mark Anthony and Lyte Speed | I’m Just a Boogie Roller

THE PRESS RELEASE:Light in the Attic Records adds another entry to its acclaimed catalog with Stone Crush: Memphis Modern Soul 1977-1987, the definitive overview of the modern soul scene of Bluff City’s post-Stax years. Over a decade in the making and compiled by renowned Memphis collectors and DJs Daniel Mathis and Chad Weekley, Stone Crush is an expertly curated anthology of these home-grown slices of Memphis stylings, from the Singing Dentist O.T. Sykes’ private press soul to the visionary bedroom funk of Captain Fantastic & Starfleet — rare sides whose original copies are considered holy grails by DJs and collectors all over. The accompanying full-color booklet includes unseen archival photos and extensive liner notes by Memphis curator/writer Andria Lisle and Grammy Award-winning writer Robert Gordon. Mark Anthony & Lyte Speed’s rare roller skate boogie funk classic I’m Just A Boogie Roller is available now. As part of the Stone Crush release, an original music video for the track, which was shot and produced in 1982, has been unearthed.”


3 | Sepultura | Means To An End

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The age of Quadra has begun: The Brazilian thrash metal masters Sepultura have released their new gem and marked the occasion with a stunning music video for their new single Means To An End. Guitarist Andreas Kisser comments: “Means To An End is our third video/single taken form our new album Quadra. Is the second song on the album, it is a very powerful and complex theme that inspired director Otavio Juliano and Luciana Ferraz to make an amazing visual interpretation of the song. It shows the human greed with no limits, the arrogance and the ignorance of ourselves, we think we can do it all without knowledge, without respect. Judas and his treason, defying death in a chess game, saving money for who’s knows what and how much is enough? It was shot in the city of Jundiaí, in an old train station museum and in Sao Paulo as well, at an old bank safe, it was the biggest in Latin America from the 50’s till it got shut down in the late ’80s.”

4 | Odario | Low Light (In This Space) ft. Dawn Pemberton

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Beloved Guyanese-born, Winnipeg-raised, and Toronto-based artist Odario premieres the video for Low Light (In This Space). The video is directed by Odario with cinematography by Lucas Joseph and features dancers Dammecia Hall, Kwame Mensah and Ofield Williams (Odario’s brother and partner-in-crime in hip hop collective Grand Analog). Low Light (In This Space) is the first single from Odario’s anticipated solo EP Good Morning, Hunter slated for release this May. Says Odario about the inspiration for the new track, “‘In this space we know nothing…but we can learn a little something if we try’. That opening line was written as a reminder to always try to leave the ego at the door when entering a new space in my life. I feel, as everyday people, we spend too much time and energy pointing out the negative aspects of our differences. As I wrote this song I imagined us, as community, clicking delete on what we perceive as our differences and encourage one another to embrace our similarities as humans. With that comes emotion, something we all embrace together. The gospel of anger…a hunt for an answer. This song is a new space for you to reflect, release and get down low.”

5 | Beyond Remains | Silent City

THE PRESS RELEASE: “A couple of months after the official release of their debut album Unleash The Violence, French Djent/Thrash/Modern metallers Beyond Remains just premiered a brand new official music video illustrating an unreleased track called Silent CIty. This new track will featured on After The Violence, an upcoming EP which follows their July 2019 self-released album. After the Violence consists in a concept mini-album, serving up six very different songs that widen the spectrum of their musical palette. Even though After The Violence is rooted in metalcore and thrash, it also doesn’t shy away from rock, classical and acoustic influences. Not content to just release an album, Beyond Remains has made the decision to release a music video for all six tracks contained on After The Violence, with Silent City the latest to be released.”

6 | Matt Megrue | Afterglow

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Continuous evolution is the name of the game for Charleston, SC songwriter, Matt Megrue. From fronting the Atlanta pop-punk outfit, The Unusual Suspects, to the indie rock stylings of Loners Society, to now releasing music eponymously blending punk, emo, Americana and 80’s pop-nostalgia, no two records ever sound the same. Megrue has just released his new LP The Mourner’s Manual and has dropped a music video for the track Afterglow. Matt says, “My first solo LP, The Mourner’s Manual is Loss. Love. Anger. Hope. Longing. Vulnerability. Spirit. May you find a little bit of that here. Think less, feel more. Yours en mourning.”

7 | Nightwish | Noise

THE PRESS RELEASE: “When Finnish sextet Nightwish announce a new studio album people tend to take notice. They know that something special is brewing. The band’s new and ninth record HUMAN. :II: NATURE. will be released on April 10 and will be a double album containing 9 tracks on the main CD and one long track, divided into eight chapters on CD 2. The band just released the first single and video clip for the song Noise.

8 | Apollo Stands | Psyparadar

THE PRESS RELEASE:Apollo Stands began life as a traditional heavy metal band, but as metal evolved so did Apollo Stands. They welcomed each new twist in the metal story, absorbing new influences and new ideas, adding new angles to their own sound and expanding beyond any restrictive boundaries. Their album Minds brings everything together into one remarkable, cohesive whole – a six track explosion of sparkling energy, affecting emotion, wicked hooks and inescapable melodies framed by imposing riffs, swathed in enthralling atmosphere. Tracks like Psyparadar are simply outstanding songs that rise above the need for genre definition. Minds is both a demand for immediate recognition and a signpost towards a bright future.”

9 | Nina Simone | I Sing Just To Know That I’m Alive

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Recorded in 1982, not long after she moved to Paris, Fodder On My Wings was one of Nina Simone’s favorite albums yet has remained one of her most obscure. Originally recorded for a small French label and only sporadically available since its initial release, Fodder On My Wings will be reissued on April 3. The original album will be expanded with three bonus tracks from the recording sessions from a rare French reissue released in 1988. The effervescent opening track I Sing Just To Know That I’m Alive, a song that Simone often performed live in her later years, is available now.”

10 | Imonolith | Dig

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Canadian metal powerhouse Imonolith are unveiling their third single Dig in support of their highly anticipated forthcoming debut album State of Being due out March 27. Dig happens to be one of the bands favourite songs on the album. It has a hypnotic pulse throughout, crushing guitar riffs and some well delivered heavy vocals from Jon Howard. “Lyrically the song is about people who ruin their relationships with others, through their poor decisions. The point lyrically is that you can move on from this type of person, learn a lesson from the situation, let go of the negativity involved and let them deal with the shit show they’ve created. In the end, these people dig their own ‘relationship’ graves by burning bridges with others in their lives.” says drummer Ryan ‘RVP’ Van Poederooyen.”

11 | Bleach Day | in limbo

THE PRESS RELEASE:Bleach Day released their new single in limbo from their forthcoming album, as if always, releasing March 6. The accompanying lyric video for the album’s lead single was made using over 600 thumbnail-sized paintings that were scanned, animated and sequenced. in limbo mixes classic golden age pop sounds and cinematic progressions, composing an out of body experience with an impressionistic and painterly palette. Featuring an eclectic mix of dusty vocals, quivering 12-string guitar, and meandering bass, the tune conjures up a sonic language that is hopeful but melancholy and draws the listener through a vintage-tinted introspection. The track winds through verses and choruses of accumulating and dissipating tangibility, until the track comes to a breakthrough, exploding into vibrant chaos, before falling back to earth.”

12 | Deborah Holland | The Sun Is Out Today

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Deborah Holland announced her forthcoming album titled Fine, Thank You! will be released on March 27. She also unveiled the first single The Sun Is Out with a lyric video. “Winters can be brutal,” explains Holland. “After living in Los Angeles for over 30 years, any ‘real’ winter is hard. I often feel like Vancouver is made up of two different worlds: late spring, summer, early fall and ‘the rest’. I’m much happier on those days when the sun is bright and I have my SPF 50 on.”

13 | My Dying Bride | Tired of Tears

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The cold fingers of The Ghost Of Orion reach out for the world to wrap it in desperate misery, heavy melodies and hopeless misery: My Dying Bride release their new album on March 6. The British kings of doom death metal released a lyric video for their new single Tired Of Tears. The track has a particularly special meaning for frontman Aaron Stainthorpe, as he explains: “The track touches upon the most terrifying, stressful and harrowing period of my entire life – the near death of my only child. I have been down before but it never hurt like this. This was true darkness and I was not sure my mind could take it. My entire world looked like it was going to implode but I was determined to fight all the way. Tired of tears was exactly how I felt. They had been flowing freely from me for months and I was a shadow of my former self. It is sad that this will continue for many others. Innocent people. so very tired of tears.”

14 | Afraid of Ghosts | Drag Down Love

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Everyone has ghosts they run from and internal struggles that haunt them, and pop newcomers Afraid Of Ghosts tell their own story about wrestling with their demons. With a fresh take on electro-pop, the mysterious supergroup take on love, loss, and the darker aspects of the human experience. The lyrics are heartfelt and raw against an undeniably catchy musical backdrop, but it’s not all gloom and doom; within their story lies a glimmer of hope. With members from diverse backgrounds and musical tastes, Afraid Of Ghosts explores different genres with an ease and fluency only possible from a collective of artists. You get the sense that this isn’t a traditional band or a pop group, but more of a gathering. It’s an amalgam of tastes and experiences and musical styles, and the result is highly listenable.”

15 | Party Pupils | West Coast Tears

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Future funk duo Party Pupils (MAX + Suave Yung Blanc) link up with Gary Go (of Benny Benassi Cinema fame) to deliver West Coast Tears, a bittersweet bop for when the Hollywood glitz fades into the sunset. Since coming together in 2016, Party Pupils have developed a reputation for crafting unorthodox party jams, with West Coast Tears serving as the latest example. The single follows recent releases The Plug (feat. Drelli) and Louis Futon collaboration One Two Things (feat. TOBi), the latter of which saw the group use samples recorded on-the-spot inside an IKEA store. Adding an additional layer of funk to West Coast Tears is London-based songwriter, composer and producer Gary Go. Following the success of his 2009 self-titled debut album and tours with artists including Lady Gaga, Snow Patrol, The Script and MIKA, Go created the soundtrack and short film Now Was Once the Future.

16 | Pornohelmut | Bell Ringer

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Texas audiovisual insurgent Pornohelmut – aka percussionist/creator Neil Barrett – will deploy his pummeling full-length Bang Lord next week. With the album’s collectively debilitating onslaught of driving polyrhythms, idiosyncratic tones, and overall bizarre nature on the verge of its release, new single Bell Ringer has been hung out to dry. “The polyrhythms symbolize how our country is going to shit,” delves Barrett. “The dark masters of society have mechanized the human being, seeking to reduce us to nothing more than jagged-toothed gears in a machine. The machine will seize and eventually fling us all back into the dust. The voice of the pure-hearted child shall rise from the ruins and sing us back from hell, unto true freedom and glory.”

17 | Between Kings | Antidote

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Rising alternative pop-rock band Between Kings release their new single Antidote and announce their new EP, Young Love, is coming this spring. With its personal take on mental health, Antidote is a non-judgmental observation of how society copes with the pressures of modern society. “Antidote is a song about coming to terms with the harsh reality that mental health issues plague modern society,” shares the band. “Whether it be anti-depressants or other forms of self-medication, some of us simply can’t get through a day without an antidote. This song touches on these sensitive topics regarding depression and anxiety and comes from a place of honesty as mental health affects so many of us including some of us in the band. So, whether your antidote is music, medication or whatever else helps you get through your day, sometimes it’s okay to admit that we all need a little help.”

18 | Classified | Rap Shit

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Celebrated Canadian hip-hop artist and producer Classified is pleased to announce the release of Rap Shit featuring Dax and Snak The Ripper, from his forthcoming EP Pick Your Poison out April 10. Rap Shit is the first of many big releases to come this year from an artist who celebrates a 20 year career as one of Canada’s premier rappers. “It’s hard to think of what to say about dropping a new song or a new project when I’ve dropped so many over the years; and have said pretty much everything I can about dropping something new,” Classified says. “I just know when I made this beat, it hit me – every time I hear it, I like it more. I wrote some classic rap shit on it and asked a couple of friends to get on it with me. I hope you like. There’s more to come.”

19 | pluko | blessings (ft. Nate Traveller)

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Rising electronic producer pluko shares his new single, blessings (ft. Nate Traveller). “I have never been more excited about a release as I have been for this one,” pluko writes of the new single. “I have finally reached the point in my musical career where I feel 100% confident in my work and in my sound. I’m so happy to be able to share this with you.” pluko’s bass-filled tracks glitter with imagination and forward-thinking production techniques. He consistently pushes the boundaries of what electronic music is, creating colorful records that feel authentic and fresh. With plenty of infectious releases and festival performances planned for this year, pluko is a name that is sure to dominate the electronic genre and beyond.”

20 | Jeffrey James | Slow Right Down

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Nashville-based singer/songwriter Jeffrey James shares Slow Right Down, the second single and final pre-release taste from his upcoming EP, East London. The new track is a pensive ballad that highlights James’ confident and inviting vocals. “I wrote Slow Right Down in 2019 when everything in my life was racing forward and I didn’t have time to catch my breath,” James writes. “This song became my personal mantra — a meditation — reminding myself that it’s ok to step back, look up every now and then, and just take in the moment.”

21+22 | Mike Plume | Younger Than We Are Today / I’m Your Huckleberry

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Acclaimed Canadian singer/songwriter Mike Plume is releasing not one, but two singles in anticipation of his latest album Lonesome Stretch Of Highway this May. The choice to release two songs out of the gate reflects the album’s musical diversity and Plume’s reinvigorated approach to writing, with Younger Than We Are Today displaying a classic alt-country sound and I’m Your Huckleberry taking a more folksy approach with its clever lyricism. Lonesome Stretch Of Highway finds Plume reborn in many ways. Its nine tracks bear his distinctive stamp, but with an added crackling energy that’s a byproduct of hard-won experience.”

23 | Sarah Slean & Hawksley Workman | Wound You

THE PRESS RELEASE:Sarah Slean and Hawksley Workman release their brand new single Wound You, from their forthcoming EP, these two, due out Feb. 21. Created by two of Canada’s most original musical voices, Wound You is about taking life’s inevitable difficulty in stride and greeting it without resistance. It suggests that the world is meant to break us, and perhaps this is even the aim or necessary lesson of the earth experience. The lyrics conclude that our brokenness is our strength. That it is not just the defining feature of our humanity, but also the key to the evolution of our consciousness.”

24 | Shelly Peiken | What A Girl Wants

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Twenty years ago songwriter Shelly Peiken ushered in the new millennium by penning it’s very first #1 song, the feminist anthem What A Girl Wants which was the #1 song in the United States on Jan. 1, 2000. Looking back now on what’s transpired culturally when it comes to gender and gender roles, it’s very poetic that What A Girl Wants marked the start of the 21st century. This year Peiken is celebrating her incredible career in music by revisiting some of her biggest hits and recording her own versions of her most beloved songs starting with What a Girl Wants. “Most of the words to What A Girl Wants were written on a receipt at the bottom of my jacket pocket, says Peiken. “My co-writer Guy Roche was free-styling on the keyboard when I realized that the sentiment would fit his music. Originally the song was called What A Girl Needs. But Ron Fair requested that we change the order the Needs/Wants for Christina Aguilera. He felt that the “wants” was sexier. And he liked the alliteration of the ‘what a’ and the ‘wants.’ I hesitated at first but ultimately I made the swap. No regrets! The rest is history.”

25 | Penny Betts | Lights!

THE PRESS RELEASE: “The UK’s own Penny Betts offer up a uniquely smooth blend of indie-pop and sixties-style songwriting. A four-piece who know precisely who they are and how they want to sound, Penny Betts are inspired by bands stretching as far back as Cream and Pink Floyd as much as modern influences like The Arctic Monkeys and Tame Impala. Their heartfelt songwriting and hypnotic melodies pour through amidst reverb-soaked indie-rock soundscapes, creating something that’s perfectly calming or decidedly energizing – depending on what you need from it; and how loud you let it play. Following the release of their highly anticipated debut EP, Penny Betts unveil the infectious new single Lights!. Narrating the story of a dreamer observing ordinary life, the four-piece explains, “It was written late at night all in one go, with lyrics and music arriving simultaneously. A demo was made the next morning, with the structure being cemented. The groove of the song only came once we played it all together, changing it from a straight indie rock type track to something more authentic. The big fuzzy guitar riff at the end was taken from another unfinished song idea of ours.”

26 | Stuck On Planet Earth | Higher Than The Drugs

THE PRESS RELEASE: “Toronto-based alternative rock band Stuck On Planet Earth, released their single Higher Than The Drugs. “Like in any bad relationship, often times one finds comfort in the toxicity. Higher Than The Drugs is about deciding to break ties with your addiction because you’ve reached a level within yourself where you’re higher than the drugs could ever take you.”