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Albums Of The Week: Ghosts of Searchlight | Sprawl

These California instrumental rockers take you from space to the surf to the desert.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: Somewhere between the roiling surf of the Pacific Ocean and the blinding lights of Las Vegas lies the expanse of the Mojave and the inspiration for The Ghosts of Searchlight’s aggressive, surfy brand of instrumental post-rock. Guitarist Brian Horn hails from these places and the journeys in between.

The Ghosts of Searchlight have been forged and reforged over the last 15 years. With life changes and personal growth, an indefinite hiatus halted the band in 2015. But in the uncertainties of 2020, Brian discovered something new about the music he used to have a hand in creating. And thus, The Ghosts were resurrected in partnership with longtime collaborator Ben Kaplan. This time, with more patience, more thought, more space.

Sprawl is a record born of feeling trapped in the large communities where we choose to live but also of joy, discovering new expansive landscapes right within the confines of our own homes.”

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