Chris Sunfield Lives For Today With Tomorrow’s Here (Far Away Objects Mix)

The Toronto pop-rocker turns darkness into light with his upbeat single & video.

Chris Sunfield looks on the bright side with his empowering feel-good anthem Tomorrow’s Here (Far Away Objects Mix) — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Featuring lush, symphonic suites embedded in deeply human messages, the inventively reimagined take on his 2021 single Tomorrow’s Here appears on the Toronto singer-songwriter’s 2022 four-track EP Far Away Objects.

“Lyrically, the new release is a clarion call to live authentically, and realize one’s full potential before it’s too late — all while accepting that life’s achievements are sometimes gained at the expense of intimacy,” the progressive pop-rocker explains. “I thought I was going to write a ska tune with some breezy lyrics but, on the day I started writing, I found out that a long-term mentor of mine had passed away. Soon after that, I lost a beloved pet. The only thing I could do to distract myself from the grief that night was to finish writing and recording the demo; the sun was rising the next morning as I finished it. Tomorrow’s Here is about moving beyond losses and challenges, and continuing to grow as a person.”

Sunfield had initially pursued a career in psychology and management consulting, despite his ambition to become a recording artist. As the years passed, he came to realize he had hundreds of half-written songs on fading scraps of paper and deteriorating tapes. “If I had died suddenly, that big box of music would have ended up in a landfill.” Then came a perfect storm, he shares. “Close friends died. Bad career decisions. A move to a remote area isolated me from friends … And finally, an accident hospitalized me. It felt like rock bottom. I was a behavioral scientist facing my own dark night of the soul.”

In facing the waves of adversity, Sunfield found himself drawn to his childhood ambition. He reveals that dusting off old music gear gave him a therapeutic outlet to cope, and led to the creation of his first completed song in years. Fast forward a few years and Sunfield presents a dynamically crafted pallet of sonic experiences and introspective messaging — including Tomorrow’s Here (Far Away Objects Mix).

Check out the animated video above, sample Far Away Objects below, and keep up with Chris Sunfield at his website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.