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Next Week in Music | May 16-22 • The Long List: 375 Releases On The Way

You won't find a bigger or better list anywhere. Take it from me, Gentleman Overlord.

Happy 20th birthday to the Wu-Tang Name Generator. If you have ever wondered where Donald Glover came up with his musical handle Childish Gambino, now you know. And if you’d like to know about the 375 new albums, EPs, singles, box sets, compilations, anthologies, retrospectives, soundtracks, vinyl reissues and cassettes arriving next week, you won’t find a bigger or better list anywhere than the one below. Take it from me, Gentleman Overlord.



Acidgvrl | Brokkenba$tards!!
Ait! | Romanticismo Oltranzista
Ajna | Mors Ultra
Akhenaton & Nicholas Craven | Latin Quarter, Pt. 1
The Alchemy | Idle Ghosts
Tony Allen | Secret Agent Reissue
Amaii | I’ve Seen Better Days
Zoh Amba | O Life, O Light Vol. 1 (ft. William Parker and Francisco Mela)
The Animals | The Animals Mono Vinyl Reissue
The Animals | The Animals on Tour Mono Vinyl Reissue
The Animals | Animal Tracks Mono Vinyl Reissue
The Animals | Animalization Mono Vinyl Reissue
The Animals | Mickie Most Years And More
An-Laurence | Almost Touching
Anvil | Impact Is Imminent
Anxioushum | Scratching On The 8 EP
Arca | Kick Box Set
Asher & Jordan | Foliage
Rick Astley | Whenever You Need Somebody Deluxe Edition
Brian Auger’s Oblivion Express | Keys to the Heart
Automatisme & Stefan Paulus | Gap/Void Altered Source Recordings
AV Dummy | Pornoviolence
Carlos Averhoff, Jr. | Together
Banditos | Right On
Bantwanas | Ixesha EP
Abbie Barrett | I Will Let You Know
Basic Rhythm | Cool Down The Dance
Beachgrave | Ethereal Mind
Nate Bergman | Metaphysical Change
Andrew Bernstein | A Presentation
Bess of Bedlam | Dance Until the Crimes End
Be Well | Hello Sun
BigBabyGucci | Soda & Syrup
Black Nile | River of Emotions
Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers with Thelonious Monk | Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers with Thelonious Monk Deluxe Edition
Blue Amber | Rockland’s Workshop
Blueyes | The Otherside
Blut Aus Nord | Disharmonium: Undreamable Abysses
B.o.B. | Vimana
Body Type | Everything Is Dangerous But Nothing’s Surprising
Bog Body | Cryonic Crevasse Cult
Boldy James x Real Bad Man | Killing Nothing
Laddio Bolocko | ’97​-​’99
Booze & Glory | Raising The Roof EP
Claudia Bouvette | The Paradise Club
Brackish | Brackish
Pennan Brae | The Garden Series, Vol. 2: Picked
Brandy and the Butcher | Lucky Foot
B. Bravo | Vizionz
Bright Dog Red | Under the Porch
Brim | California Gold
Brötzmann / Van Hove / Bennink | Jazz In Der Kammer Nr. 71
Brown Velvet X Fiori DS | Long Awaited
Zach Bryan | American Heartbreak
Cat Burns | Emotionally Unavailable EP
Canned Heat | Heated Blues
Catnapp | Trust
Cauchemar | Rosa Mystica
Cave In | Heavy Pendulum
Cheryl Cawood | Bullet in the Cabin Wall
Rachel Chinouriri | Better Off Without
Al Cisneros | Sinai Dub Box (2012​-​2022)
Cities of Mars | Cities of Mars
The Clash | Combat Rock / The People’s Hall Special Edition
Peter Coccoma | A Place To Begin
Cola | Deep In View
Brandon Coleman | Black Space
Raynald Colom | A Million Dreams
Colour Tongues | Midnight Island
John Coltrane | My Favorite Things 60th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
Come to Grief | When the World Dies
Jose Conde | Souls Alive in the 305
Will Joseph Cook | Every Single Thing
Cool Maritime | Big Earth Energy
Cool Original | Outtakes Grom Bad Summer
Corners Of Sanctuary | Defying: A Tribute EP
Alison Cotton | The Portrait You Painted of Me
Marlon Craft | While We’re Here
Reo Cragun | Diary Of A Loner
The Dark Alamorté | Lunacrium Thepsis
Dark Archive | Reunite The Darkness
Dätcha Mandala | The Last Drop EP
Dawn Of Solace | Notes Of Perdition
Dazegxd | vkiss
D Bloc | Do Not Cross
Deadeye | Deadeye
The Dead Licks | In Disguise
Gavin DeGraw | Face The River
Dekker | I Won’t Ge Your Foe
Delta Spirit | One Is One
Dengue Dengue Dengue and Prisma | Pliegues EP
John Doe | Fables In A Foreign Land
Thomas Dollbaum | Wellswood
Dreezy | Hitgirl
Dregs One And Illsugi | Skies Over Tokyo
Drift Into Black | Earthtorn
Earth Trax | The Sensual World LP
Eat Your Own Head | Neck-Deep In The Blyth
Elephant Stone | Hollow Deluxe Edition
Eliza & The Delusionals | Now And Then
Equations Collective | Equations Collective x Lena Platonos x Rabih Beaini
Ercsé | Füzet
Ericdoa | Things With Wings
Evergrey | A Heartless Portrait (The Orphéan Testament)
Everything Everything | Raw Data Feel
The Family Crest | The War: Act II
Fanclubwallet | You Have Got to Be Kidding Me
Faouzia | Citizens
Fiction Fake | Nightmares (ft. Nikshoww)
Craig Finn | A Legacy Of Rentals
Flock | Flock
Flostate | Moments Of Feeling
Flume | Palaces
For Breakfast | Trapped In The Big Room
4evryoung | Phantom
Ronnie Foster | Two Headed Freap Vinyl Reissue
Gårdon | Signs
Melody Gardo & Philippe Powell | Entre Eux Deux
Geezer | Stoned Blues Machine
Gentle Giant | Civilian Remastered
Gglum | Weak Teeth EP
Glassio | See You Shine
Gnov | Pillangók
Goldie | The Start Of No Regret
Binker Golding | Dream of a Dogwood Wild Boy
Gronibard | Regarde Les Hommes Sucer
David Grubbs & Jan St. Werner | Translation from Unspecified
Mark Grusane | Dance Intensity EP
Gyazai Gyozo | Synthesizer & Drums
Annie Hamilton | The Future Is Here But It Feels Kinda Like The Past
Hanson | Red Green Blue
Hate Moss | NaN
Mary Ann Hawkins | Mary Ann Hawkins
Here Lies Wes | Pieces Of Me EP
Marina Herlop | Pripyat
Hermeto | Hermeto Reissue
Charlie Hickey | Nervous At Night
Las Historias | Live at WB
Hodgy | Entitled
Anderes Holz | Continuo
Home Baker | Habits
Yotam Ben Horin | Young Forever
Horn | Verzet
M Huncho | Chasing Euphoria
Shabaka Hutchings | Afrikan Culture
Indren | Of Time And Autumn Leaves
Alex Izenberg | I’m Not Here
Courtney Jaye | Hymns And Hallelucinations
Jeremy & The Harlequins | Abra Cadabra
Park Jiha & Roy Claire Potter | To Call out into the Night
Jess Jocoy | Let There Be No Despair
Laney Jones | Stories Up High
Jordana | Face The Wall
Joyce Manor | 40 Oz. To Fresno
Simon Joyner | Songs from a Stolen Guitar
Koray Kantarcıoğlu | Loopworks 2
Avi Kaplan | Floating On A Dream
Kauan | Pirut Live
Luna Ki | CL34N
Klahrk & Kavari | Wax
Matt Koziol | Wildhorse
N Kramer | Altered Scenes and Slight Variations
KrispyLife Kidd | The Art of Spice Talk 2
Kronos Quartet, Rinde Eckert, Vân-Ánh Vanessa Võ | Mỹ Lai
Prateek Kuhad | The Way That Lovers Do
James Labrie | Beautiful Shades of Grey
LaMacchia | Thunderheads
Liz Lamere | Keep It Alive
Lampland | Dry Heat
Last Temptation | Fuel For My Soul
Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena | West Kensington
Cindy Lawson | New Tricks
Shawn Lee | Rides Yet Again
Ravyn Lenae | Hypnos
Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch | Ravage
Lykke Li | Eyeye
The Lickerish Quartet | Threesome Vol. 3
Life On Planets | Dreamcatcher EP
Fabrice Lig | The Mental Bandwidth
Like Mint | Wish I Was Awake
Lil Gnar | Die Bout It
Lissom | Eclipses
Lucy Liyou | Welfare / Practice
LJ X Paul Domino | Colourblind
The Loyal Seas | Strange Mornings In the Garden
Luminous Vault | Animate The Emptiness
Macelleria Mobile di Mezzanotte | This Savaging Disaster
Seth MacFarlane | Blue Skies
Mai Mai Mai | Rimorso
Talia Mar | Stay The Night
Mario | Hello
Bob Marley | Sun Is Shining Forever
Mathematik | No Division Vol. 2
Matmos | Regards​/​Ukłony dla Bogusław Schaeffer
Bennett Matteo Band | Shake The Roots
Michael McDermott | St. Paul’s Boulevard
Brother Jack McDuff | Moon Rappin’ Vinyl Reissue
Peter McPoland | Slow Down EP
José Medeles | Railroad Cadences & Melancholic Anthems
Melt Motif | A White Horse Will Take You Home
Merzbow | Animal Liberation: Until Every Cage Is Empty
Lia Mice | Sweat Like Caramel
Midnight North | Selections from Levon Helm Studios
Jeff Mills | Mind Power Mind Control
Jovan Milovanović | Away From You
MNRVA | Hollow
Moby | Reprise Remixes
Model Home | Saturn In The Basement
Mol$ | StarStruck °☆
Momoiro Clover Z | Shukuten
Blake Morgan | Violent Delights
Van Morrison | What’s It Gonna Take?
Mortal Thrall | A Path To Fire
Faizal Mostrixx | Transitions
Movment | Transformation
Pete Muller | Spaces
Mutually Assured Destruction | Ascension
Mxmtoon | Rising
Mychelle | Closure / Someone Who Knows
Narkosis | Days Are Getting Long
Nattehimmel | The Night Sky Beckons
Kenny Neal | Straight From The Heart
Necroveg | Gluttony
Neighborhood Libraries | Postcards For The Backyard EP
1988 | Ruleta
Yu Nishiyama | A Lotus in the Mud
Hermann Nitsch | Weinviertel Sinfonie
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band | Dirt Does Dylan
Leo Nocentelli | Another Side Vinyl Reissue
Not The Main Characters | Bad Things Come In 3’s EP
Sylvia Rose Novak | A Miss / A Masterpiece
Novelbright | Assort
Yumi Nu | Hajime
NYIÞ | ᛬ᚢᛁᛋᚿᛁ•ᚼᛆᛏᛁ•ᚼᚱᛅ᛬
Nziria | Xxybirid
Omni Of Halos | Care Free EP
Oneus | Trickster
Ophe | Somnium Nocte Mendaciis
Oslo | Great Places
Quinn Oulton | Alexithymia
William Papillon | Vagabond EP
Scarlett Parker | Was It Worth It?
Tess Parks | And Those Who Were Seen Dancing
Petbrick | Ayan EP
Grant-Lee Phillips | All That You Can Dream
Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men | Heart Inside Your Head
Plankton Wat | Hidden Path Reissue
Plum Blossom | To Be Honest With You
The Police | Around The World: Restored & Expanded
Robert Pollard | Our Gaze
Pond | 9 Deluxe Edition
Jon Porras | Arroyo
Porridge Radio | Waterslide, Diving Board, Ladder To The Sky
Sophie Powers | Red In Revenge
Predatory Light | Death and the Twilight Hours
Quavo | Hotel Lobby
Quinquis | Seim
Radio Compass | Aloha
Joe Rainey | Niineta
Raphaël | Stop, Look, Listen
Ratoon | Last on the Beef Chain
Raw Essence | Do It Again (ft. Lifford) EP
Rebelution | Live in St. Augustine
Sheridan Riley | Participant
John Rocca | Once Upon A Time In N.Y.C.
Rose & LaJoie | On the Crystal Seas
Roselia | Rozen Horizon
Rottenness | Violentopia
Rubber Oh | Strange Craft
Runkus x Toddla T | Out:Side
Running | Jester
Sadist | Firescorched
Sailor Hunter | Sailor Hunter EP
Ben Salisbury and Geoff Barrow | Men Soundtrack
Rina Sawayama | This Hell
Sandness | Play Your Part
Sauna | Dose Yourself
Savage Republic | Meteora
Jack Savoretti | Europiana Encore
Say She She | Forget Me Not Single
Jo Schornikow | Altar
Seabrook Trio | In The Swarm
Search & Seizure | Nothing Natural
Sea Lemon | Close Up
Seedsmen To The World | Seedsmen To The World
Semantics | Paint Me Blue
Léa Sen | You Of Now Pt. 1
Septicflesh | Modern Primitive
Serpentent | Ancient Tomes Vol. 1: Mother of Light
Shaggy | Come Fly Wid Mi
Todd Sharpville | Medication Time
Shauna | Dose Yourself
Nick Sheppard & Marigold Sun | Pratunam
Shrine | Nausicaä
Silent Drive | Prescription for Death
Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood | Nancy & Lee Reissue
Julius Smack | Serenity EP
Soak | If I Never Know You Like This Again
SovRin | Phantom Single
Space Between Clouds | Space Between Clouds
Space Of Variations | Imago
Specimens | Intersections
Em Spel | The Carillon Towers
Spice | Viv
Dean Spunt and John Wiese | The Echoing Shell
Chris Standring | Simple Things
Mavis Staples & Levon Helm | Carry Me Home
Andrew Star | Attention
Static Dress | Rouge Carpet Disaster
Mike Stevens | Breathe In The World, Breathe Out Music
Dave Stewart | Ebony McQueen
Carl Stone | Wat Dong Moon Lek
Street Sects | Gentrification V: Whitewashed
Harry Styles | Harry’s House
Subjective | The Start Of No Regret
Joe Sullivan | Joe Sullivan
Sxdshxwty | Receptive Stimulant
Heidi Talbot | Sing It For A Lifetime
Ben Talmi | Berkshires
Teletype | Raw Data Feel
Jimi Tenor | Multiversum
Roza Terenzi & D. Tiffany | Edge of Innocence
Tetra Hydro K | Odyssée
Texas Murder Crew | Wrapped In Their Blood
Thy Kingdom Will Burn | The Void and the Vengeance
Lou Tides | Infinite Loop EP
Am Tierpark | Forevermore
Tiers La Familia | Active Cultures/Active Couture
Tofubeats | Reflection
Tourist | Inside Out
The Toxic Avenger | Carbone Toxique EP
Train | AM Gold
Transverse | Slow Moving Apocaplyse
Trouble | Simple Mind Condition Reissue
The Tucson Children’s Choir | Live at Toby and Sophie’s
Uffie | Sunshine Factory
Unionblock | Thetford
The Unlikely Candidates | Panther Island
Various Artists | Color de Trópico Vol. 3 Compiled by El Drágon Criollo & El Palmas
Various Artists | If Music Presents: You Need This! An Introduction To Enja Records
Various Artists | Kenny Rogers: All In For The Gambler: All-Star Concert Celebration
Various Artists | Moving Furniture Records: This is Release MFR100
Various Artists | Now That’s What I Call Pride
Various Artists | Pay It All Back Vol. 8
Various Artists | Popguru Presents: Coverama
Various Artists | Undercover On The Streets, A Vagrant Records Tribute
Various Artists | Would It Sound Just As Bad If You Played It Backwards? A Collection of Sounds from the Studio Eksperymentalne Polskiego Radia (1959​-​2001) Vol. I
Various Artists | ZZK Sound Vol. 4
Mat Vezio | Couleur Ciel Ecchymose
Victory Chimes | When The Fog Rolls In
Video Game Orchestra | Live in Japan
Daniel Villarreal | Panamá 77
Vola | Witness Deluxe Edition
Volbeat | Rock The Rebel / Metal The Devil Vinyl Reissue
The Volebeats | Lonesome Galaxy
Volturian | Red Dragon
Vory | Lost Souls
Seth Walker | I Hope I Know
Walton | Rush
Warred | The Siren
The Wave Pictures | When The Purple Emperor Spreads His Wings
Weird Nightmare | Weird Nightmare
Bryon White | Solo Album‽
Chip Wickham | Astral Traveling EP
John Williams & Yo-Yo Ma | A Gathering Of Friends
Wilted Woman | Glossy Center EP
Wolftooth | Valhalla
Wolftooth | Wolftooth
xPropaganda | The Heart Is Strange
Kenshi Yonezu | M87
Yotaro | Brain Words
Zinny Zan | Lullabies For The Masses
Zora | Z1
Zretro | Zretro