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Albums Of The Week: Low Hum | Nonfiction

Lo-fi and hi-tech meet somewhere in the grooves of Collin Desha's second album.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Nonfiction is the second full length release for Collin Desha, the Hawaiian-born, Los Angeles-based musician behind Low Hum. The new record follows the 2019 debut LP Room To Breathe, which engendered comparisons to the stylings of Tame Impala and beloved U.K. group The Beta Band.

Early singles like Phantasms have already won attention from popular publications and playlists. “Phantasms is one the more experimental songs on the album,” shares Desha, “and everything on the track was pretty much a one-take. I was in Portland with a family member who just had a stroke, covid had been about 3 months old and there was a chance I was moving to Portland so my life felt like everything was constantly changing at a rapid pace. And being that my life felt very chaotic, the lyrical identity of the song became this dream-like world where I was aware of my surroundings but nothing felt real.”

Nonfiction, was recorded and co-produced with Jon Joseph, and expands upon Desha’s kaleidoscopic lo-fi meets hi-fi futurism: a mixture of oceanic tranquility, dreampop-like sensibilities, heavy fuzzed-out riffs juxtaposed alongside melodious synth and vocals with refreshing punch. Low Hum, Desha says “was always meant to be my creative refuge, a place for me to escape my own reality and give me a sense of freedom” and is happy it has motivated those who listen “to feel a sense of community and that we are all in this together.”