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Albums Of The Week: Møtrik | Møøn: Cosmic Electrics of Møtrik

Portland's psychedelic krautrock spacemen blast off on another sonic adventure.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Møøn: The Cosmic Electrics of Møtrik is the latest long-playing sound exploration from the 21st century’s premiere purveyors of propulsive polyphonic riffatronic sonics! Soar through inner space cloistered in the cozy cacophony confined and cosigned by the quarantined quartet of Cord (), Dave (¤), Erik () and Lee ().

Respectively, these four brave men operate angular and adventurous guitars, program burbling bygone quasar synths, deliver a payload of crisp indefatigable escape velocity percussion, deposit abundant amounts of marine trench bass and broadcast buoyant magical mystery vocal guidance. Møøn lets you journey to our closest satellite stress-free! Let Møtrik’s musical cosmonauts be your designated pilots from craters of eternal darkness to peaks of eternal light. With a wink and a promise, these aces will float you safely back to your home base under a drogue parachute – no matter how eccentric your orbit!

Møtrik formed in 2013 in Portland, with the group’s four members united by a pledge to modernize their beloved genre. Sharing a passion for pioneers like Can, Kraftwerk and Träd, Gräs och Stenar, they have demonstrated their ability to deliver over a series of EPs and albums, most recently 2020’s acclaimed Artificial Head. As they continue to experiment by incorporating additional influences — ranging from funk and jazz to psych and prog — Møtrik’s third full-length Møøn: The Cosmic Electrics of Møtrik is a further continuation in the story of an historic genre.

As all good album openers should, Silver Twin sets the stage for what’s to come. It’s the perfect balance of sweet and astringent, with feathery vocals joyfully fighting to be heard over an explosive din of insistent guitar tones, synth swirls and a bass/drum attack that, at the right volume, might buckle the ground beneath your feet. If you aren’t on board with this track, this album, this band within the first two minutes, you may be a lost cause.”