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Albums Of The Week: Wreche | All My Dreams Came True

The black-metal outlier blazes a twisted trail through the sonic wilderness.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Wreche, a high-stakes challenger of the metal genre, returns to unleash a violent haymaker with All My Dreams Came True. A colossal masterpiece, this album sees John Steven Morgan working alone — more unhinged, personal, and varied than on Wreche’s 2017 eponymous debut with drummer Barret Baumgart. At once horrifying and beautiful, All My Dreams Came True further binds genres like a particle accelerator — an absolutely devastating collision, a nebulaic nightmare of spackled iridescent light and void-lusting despair. Morgan’s brilliant songwriting and narrative structure, equally matched by his virtuosic performances on every instrument (piano, drums, vocals and synths) make this album something to seriously reckon with.

“Pushing the boundaries” of metal is a given when guitars have been trashed for an 88-key, 700-lb behemoth running hot on distortion and space echo. Terrifying, subterranean and heavenly, Wreche transcends the sheer novelty of superficial texture swapping. The album hits the fringes of the most extreme musical ideas — simultaneously maintaining a loyalty to black metal’s aural aesthetic while hard-flipping the genre’s tired old past. Morgan’s lyrical poems tear through art, god, poverty, drugs, love and “life in the big city” as they are screamed with spine chilling conviction that sounds as mad and feral as the world around him. The otherworldly synth design and arrangements are unprecedented — an ominous spectoral presence levitating on the wasteland All my dreams came true paints. This isn’t just an experiment, it’s an interstellar meltdown.

Do yourself a favor and let this album rip your brain apart. Play it front to back and give it time to reveal its myriad miraculous stratified secrets. The invitation is an understatement and to miss this is to miss a masterful and haunting contribution to music, one that will inevitably set the tone for this year in metal. It is, and will be, unavoidable if you listen to extreme music — a ghastly expedition into the ether.”

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