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Albums Of The Week: Various Artists | The Best Of Doris Wishman

Bizarre theme songs, wild trailers & more sleazy goodies from the cult filmmaker.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Doris Wishman was one of the most prolific female filmmakers that most people have never heard of. The pint-size sleaze queen helmed a variety of oddball exploitation classics that featured unique gimmicks and unusual, sometimes shocking subject matter. The Best Of Doris Wishman features audio from theatrical trailers, original theme songs, as well as some jazzy incidental library music.

Wishman’s movies have entertained, amused, shocked, and often confounded genre film fans for decades. You know you’re in for a wild ride when “Produced and Directed by Doris Wishman” appears in the opening credits. Self-taught and unencumbered by rules and expectations, Doris did her own thing, writing outrageous scripts derived from her wildly fertile imagina­tion. The fact that she started making films at age 47 is mind-boggling in and of itself. Not very many nice middle-aged ladies in the 1960s were behind the camera shoot­ing dirty movies. Needless to say, Doris was an iconoclast.

Her filmmaking style could be called different, quirky and individualistic, maverick and unencumbered by craft or rules — though employing stylistic devices and motifs she would use over and over and over. She was one of the few women working in the male-dominated “adult” film industry, and always held her own. Relentless and determined, Doris continued directing films until her death in 2002, once saying, “After I die I will be making movies in Hell!” We can only hope so. See you there, Doris.”