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Now Hear This: Sonic Flower | Rides Again

I'm getting caught up on the good albums that have come out lately. Like this one.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Sonic Flower were formed as a side project of Church of Misery in 2001. Bassist Tatsu Mikami and guitarist Takenori Hoshi (who played on CoM’s second album The Second Coming) teamed up to play more bluesy & non-doomy instrumental rock. They were influenced by heavy ’70s bands like Cactus, Grand Funk Railroad, Mountain, Sir Load Baltimore and Captain Beyond, though they also appreciated The Meters, Graham Central Station and Funkadelic.

All the tracks on Rides Again are unreleased studio material recorded after their first album came out in 2005. At that time the band members had some troubles during recording, so after the recording sessions they broke up. These tracks were sleeping in the vault for more than 15 years. The music is a mixture of psychedelic groove, rock, funk and doom metal. The album features four original songs plus two covers: Earthquake from Graham Central Station and Stay Away by The Meters.”