Angel Baribeau Rewinds A Life In Wish We Were Older Video

The non-binary Indigenous pop artist Angel shares a moving song from their EP.


Angel Baribeau tells a tale of love and loss passed to the next generation in their newest video for Wish We Were Older — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Depicting an elderly woman reminiscing with visual memories about her past, the snapshots weave through love and loss and illustrate an uplifting timeline of her life as a queer woman.

“This music video will be a recounting of a lifetime of true love between an elderly 2 spirit Indigenous couple,” director Nang K’uulas / Patrick Shannon shares. It shows “the challenges, the joy, the raising of a family in a community where that isn’t common,” adds. “It’s somber, but beautiful — and a reminder that everyone can find love and bring beauty into this world.”

Montreal’s Baribeau adds: “Working with Nang K’uulas / Patrick Shannon was a privilege. He went above and beyond, and I’m so grateful. It started with a call about a concept I had in my head, and Nang made it a reality. Working with an all-Indigenous cast for this video is an incredibly proud moment for me. I often talk about the importance of Indigenous and Queer representation, and this video is my hope for continuously providing that for Indigenous and Queer youth. It was an honour to work with so many incredibly strong Indigenous women, and to be able to spend time with them and hear about their lives and experiences. Nothing will ever compare to those conversations.”

Photo by Sukhdev Benning.

Wish We Were Older is the latest to land from Baribeau’s recently released stunning debut For Those I Love(d). Featuring breathtaking vocals paired with lyrics that traverse emotional terrains rugged and smooth, the EP flows forth with a wisdom-rife, intimate vulnerability cascading through distinctly warm textures and catchy acoustic pop melodies.

“I named my EP For Those I Love(d) because I realized the songs all represented love I had or have for people that have come through my life,” Baribeau shares. “Whether they are here still, or on their own path, this project aims to honour the love I felt and feel. I had many Moms growing up. Powerful women that showed me love in the times I needed it most. My Moms gave me the tools I needed to be who I am and, in fact, they did the heavy lifting when it came to building up my own strengths. It was the women around me that taught me to be brave, to exist without apology, and to love without fear. These women were blessings and I am forever grateful for their love.”

Watch Wish We Were Older above, hear more from Angel Baribeau below, and keep up with them via their website, Facebook and Instagram.

Photo by Sukhdev Benning.