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Kelly McMichael | Out The Window: Exclusive Single Premiere

The singer-songwriter takes off on a tear in her latest beguiling number.


Kelly McMichael heads off in search of adventure with her charming new single Out The Window — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

A vibrantly colourful concoction of choppy, chunky guitars and pulsating laser-gun synths that flawlessly channel the sound of classic ’70s new wave — with a dash of vintage girl-group pop thrown into the mix — Out The Window rides a buoyant wave that perfect matches its beguiling lyrics of fun and friendship.

“Two friends convince each other to quit their crappy jobs and boyfriends and go out on a tear,” McMichael says of the track, adding it’s “dedicated to quality babes raising the bar.”

She would know about that. Originally from Peterborough Ont., and now based in St. John’s, Nfld., the incredibly gifted singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (also known as RENDERS) is known for her commanding stage presence, captivating voice, and classic-sounding songwriting. She has a unique ability, via her creative process, to conduct powerful musical energy through a wide range of sounds. And now, after a number of setbacks, the planets have finally aligned to allow Kelly to record and release her forthcoming debut album.

Listen to Out The Window above, check out a preview of the video for the song below, hear more from her on Bandcamp and follow McMichael on Facebook.