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Colin Fowlie | To Mend: Exclusive Single Premiere

The New Brunswick singer-songwriter offers up a heartfelt preview of his next LP.

Colin Fowlie shares an emotionally raw ode to his daughter with his heartfelt new single To Mend — premiering exclusively on Tinnitist.

A preview of his the New Brunswick singer-songwriter’s upcoming album East Of Nowhere, the soothing and sincere number showcases Fowlie’s ability to deliver compelling compositions with charismatic vocal stylings that turn heads.

The versatile Canadian artist has arrived on the scene with an abundant horn of plenty in the life experience department. His journey as a songwriter and touring performer serves as his primary focus, along with family and a passion for exploring the open road with the wind in his face. His songs fuse elements of folk, rock, blues and Americana/Canadiana into a special blend of universally themed storytelling that meshes with his down-to-earth personality to create magic for audiences.

Fowlie’s discography has garnered radio airplay on campus, community and commercial radio across Canada and has graced various charts, both regionally and nationally. He has accrued more than three million views on YouTube and was awarded the coveted gold standard status at MusicFest Canada (1994) and Maritime MusicFest (1995).

Hear To Mend above, listen to more of Colin Fowlie’s music below, and keep up with him via his website, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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