Weekend Mixtape | More Than 250 Songs That Will Explain Everything (Side 11)

Do you see what I see? That faint glow up ahead in the distance? Unless I miss my guess, it’s the light at the end of the tunnel. And not a moment too soon! But first, we have one final order of business to attend to: More than 250 new singles, videos, cover tunes, remixes, golden oldies, unburied treasures and live performances. They all found their way into my hands today. Now I’m passing them over to you. You’re welcome. Your Tinnitist-approved tracks — including dozens of gems you won’t find anywhere else — are tagged with a 🚂. All aboard!



1🚂 Herbie Hancock Quartet | Thieves in the Temple (Jazz à Vienne 1996)

2🚂 Sun Ra | Haverford Improv (Haverford College 1980)

3Hauser | It’s Not Unusual

4Yann Tiersen | Mayreau 12pm

5Kety Fusco | Starless

6🚂 Walter Bishop Jr. | Willow Weep For Me (Live)

7Ingrid Laubrock | Delusions

8Brian Fechino | Candy Drops

9Slowly Rolling Camera | Cue: State of Mind

10Nashville Ambient Ensemble | Waveguide

11Atōmi | Anemos

12🚂 Shirley Scott | Like Someone In Love (Live)

13Niclas Tamas | Pythagorean Wilderness

14Jonathan Snipes | La Chiesa

15Chaigidel & Neraterræ | Da’at

16Bad Pritt | February 6th