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Cameron & Crawford Give You What You Want With I Want A Song

The Saskatoon singer-songwriters serve up a sweet slice of ’70s-style sound.


Cameron & Crawford meet your classic-pop needs with their latest single and video I Want A Song — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The up-and-coming duo’s fourth single of the year, I Want A Song harkens back to the singer-songwriter sounds of the ’70s with its warm vibe, upbeat tone and jazzy inflections. Not bad for a tune that came to Wendy Crawford in her backyard as part of a songwriting-group assignment.

“I was sitting on my deck looking at the garden,” she recalls. “I needed a song to share with my group of songwriters and the first line came: ‘I want a song where the words are a garden.’ I guess I was hoping for something full of beauty, like a garden. I don’t usually write lyrics first but once the first line came, the rest followed pretty quickly.”

That hasn’t always been the case. Though Crawford and Trish Cameron started jamming in the early 2010s, they didn’t write their first song — the country-inspired tearjerker Never Said — until 2014. It took another two years for them to make their performing debut in their hometown of Saskatoon.

Since then, they’ve put their blood, sweat and tears into their creative craft and, in turn, have created a collection of soulful songs inspired by some of their favourite genres and musicians. Throughout their catalogue, there are sprinklings of swing, bossa nova, Latin and Spanish music as well as influences from Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Billie Holiday and Burt Bacharach, among many others.

The Prairie sisters are founding members of an international songwriters’ group inspired by American folk singer Kristina Olsen’s class. Each member is supposedly responsible for writing a new song every single month. I Want a Song was Crawford’s contribution.

During the pandemic, Cameron and Crawford have been working hard towards writing and recording their debut album. Their goal is to have it released by the end of 2021. Check out I Want A Song above and follow them on their website and Instagram.