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Now Hear This: Afrolicious | Seed Of Creation

I'm getting caught up on the good albums that have come out lately. Like this one.

THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Few bands have held residencies longer than a year. Afrolicious captivated audiences every Thursday for consecutive years in one of the most entertainment-saturated cities in the world. Having outgrown its weekly residency at the Elbo Room in San Francisco, Afrolicious continues to bring its legendary energy everywhere the band has had the pleasure of traveling since.

The Afrolicious live experience is, in a nutshell, a joyous and raucous celebration of life. The Afrolicious sound combines inspiring lyrics, funky bass lines, and a powerful horn section while retaining the soul and feel of classic funk, disco, Latin, and Afrobeat melodies. Audiences looking to dance, be inspired, or celebrate life have found Afrolicious as their perfect conduit.

Afrolicious confidently thrusts into the future, its reputation buttressed by countless shows and the support of world-renown artists such as Thievery Corporation (Rob Garza produced their first two EPs) and the many renown musicians and acts they have shared stages with. Afrolicious is also affiliated with a worldwide group of DJs, producers, bands, and labels who produce contemporary soulful dance music inspired by sounds of the African diaspora, including Antibalas, Chico Mann, Nickodemus, DJ Smash, Wonderwheel Recordings and Subsuel.”