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Albums Of The Week: Kelly Jones | Inevitable Incredible


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE:Inevitable Incredible is a new studio album that sees Kelly Jones writing primarily on the piano for the first time. Recorded on a remote island in Norway, the album sees Kelly step away from the comfort of Stereophonics and explore emotion and vulnerability. Recorded in just six days, the album features eight evocatively cinematic songs, all with live vocal and piano plus stunning orchestral strings.

Inevitable Incredible marks a bold stylistic shift for Kelly Jones. After a long tenure as one of the U.K.’s most prolific and beloved singer-songwriters, the re-invented solo artist pushes himself out of his comfort zone with the piano-led track, tapping into a newfound depth and vulnerability as he allows his work to speak for itself.

Over the past 25 years, Jones’ band Stereophonics have made a name for themselves across the country, becoming staples on radio and arena stages with hard-hitting anthems like Dakota, Maybe Tomorrow and Have A Nice Day.

Following the group’s 2022 chart-topping album Oochya!, Jones shifted gears as he took on a new challenge with Far From Saints, a new band with Dwight Baker and Patty Lynn of The Wind and The Wave. After yet another period of critical and commercial success, Jones has decided to continue his evolution as an artist, steering a new solo career as he broadens an already extensive body of work.”