Late-Night TV Music (One & Done Edition) | Jan. 16, 2020

Tiana Major9 and EarthGang's Olu Collide in the only song you need this morning.

One song can set the tone for your whole day. And if your Friday takes its cues from Collide — as delivered by British vocalist Tiana Major9 and EarthGang’s Olu (aka Johnny Venus) on Thursday’s edition of Late Night With Stephen Colbert — you’ll be cruising into the weekend on dreamy waves of spaced-out neo-soul and a flowery psychedelic visual vibe midway between P-Funk and OutKast. It was not the evening’s only late-night musical performance, but it’s the only one you can watch right now and right here. In any case, it’s the only one you really and truly need. Ladies and gentlemen, we are floating toward Happy Hour. See you on the other side of this beautiful disaster.