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DIY Discovery | The 1984 Draft

Daytonians deliver heartland punk with plenty of heart.

Most of the music I hear is sent to me by labels and publicists. But there’s nothing like getting it straight from the source. Welcome to DIY Discovery, where I introduce you to artists who have sent me their music directly (and who don’t suck — that’s definitely part of the deal too). If you’d like to get in on this action, no problemo: Just click here or go to the Submit Music page, fill out the form and hit send. Or email me directly. I can’t promise I’ll feature you, but if you’re as awesome as you think you are, it could happen. You never know. But first, check out today’s must-hear artist:

NAME: The 1984 Draft

HOME: Dayton, Ohio

LATEST RELEASE: Makes Good Choices

MY PITHY DESCRIPTION: Heartland punk with heart

FOUR ADJECTIVES FOR THEIR SOUND: Propulsive, crunchy, anthemic, sincere

SOUNDS A LITTLE LIKE: The Hold Steady, Replacements, Superchunk

IN THEIR OWN WORDS: For those unfamiliar with The 1984 Draft, or its primary singer/songwriter Joe Anderl, few Ohio-based musicians have enjoyed the opportunity to support as broad and diverse a list of nationally and internationally recognized musicians as Anderl has with his various solo and band endeavors over a 20-year career. The 1984 Draft released their Heisman Trophy Winner EP via Gas Daddy Go! (the boutique label of former Guided By Voices drummer Don Thrasher) on Nov. 6, 2015. They were also one of 24 Ohio bands featured on the 10th anniversary Aquabear Legion double vinyl compilation that year. In 2014, The 1984 Draft released their EP Bo Jackson Up The Middle, via We Want Action. Bo Jackson Up The Middle saw the light of day in advance of the release of an NFL Network documentary on the actual 1984 NFL Draft, in which the band is featured.


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