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Rolling Stones, Everybody Else Top Today’s Album Announcements

Green Day, Weezer and Tindersticks make me pay for taking a day off.


This is what happens when you don’t update the upcoming albums list for a day: Everybody and their dog — from Weezer and Green Day to Tindersticks and Skydiggers — announce new albums. For my money, of course, the pick of the day is The Rolling Stones’ 50th anniversary box set of Let it Bleed. See the unboxing video above. In the interest of completeness, here are all the names and dates that have dropped in the past 24 hours or so. Some you’re probably already heard. Others might be new to you. Either way, there will undoubtedly be more where they came from. So it’s probably best to keep an eye on the Upcoming Releases page, which gets updated almost every day. Because believe me, I don’t enjoy the alternative any more than you do.

September 27

The Cathode Ray | Heightened Senses
CoreLeoni | II
Goldfrapp | Black Cherry Reissue
Nightwave | The Journey EP
No Parents | Middleground
Wild Nothing | Live from Brooklyn Steel

October 4

Glenn Branca | The Third Ascension
Dubspeeka | Halloran
Dave Sampson | All Types of Ways
Skydiggers | Let’s Get Friendship Right

October 11

Marquis Hill | Love Tape
The Last Reign | Prelude
Nikki Nair | Morphism EP
Special Request | Offworld
Stormland | Incident Report

October 18

Ariel View | Until My Lungs Are Cleared
Patrick Cowley | Mechanical Fantasy Box
Jacques Greene | Dawn Chorus
Sam Lewis | Box of Swords
Mædon | Against His Will
La Neve | The Vital Cord
Sleep D | Rebel Force
Iñigo Vontier | Xu Xu EP

October 25

AFI | All Hallow’s EP 20th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue
Rick Astley | The Best of Me
Coilguns | Watchwinders
Steve Hauschildt | Nonlin
Christian Hornbostel | Undae
Meemo Comma | Sleepmass
Water From Your Eyes | Somebody Else’s Song

November 1

Cold War Kids | New Age Norms 1
Locean | Chav Anglais
The Rolling Stones | Let it Bleed 50th Anniversary Deluxe Box
Whoop-Szo | Warrior Down

November 8

Gene Clark | No Other Deluxe Edition
Floorplan | Supernatural
Matt Valentine | Preserves

November 15

Bonnie “Prince” Billy | I Made a Place
Fall Out Boy | Greatest Hits: Believers Never Die Vol. 2
Ice Cream | Fed Up
Mystery | Live in Poznan
Tindersticks | No Treasure But Hope

November 29

Prince | 1999 Deluxe Reissue

December 6

John Barrowman | A Fabulous Christmas

January 10

Big Moon | Walking Like We Do

January 17

Gabrielle Alpin | Dear Happy

February 7

Green Day | Father Of All …

May 15

Weezer | Van Weezer