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Late-Night TV Music (Post-Election Edition) | Sept. 10, 2019

Weezer and The Hold Steady rock the vote while half•alive jazz up the race.


I pulled a 14-hour shift at a polling station for the provincial election on Tuesday, so I’m playing catch-up today — while nursing a sore back, tired feet and a hoarse throat. Thankfully, Tuesday’s late-night music lineup makes for a pretty good soundtrack to my recovery. Start with Weezer embracing (and unleashing) their inner teenage metalheads in their new song End of the Game — from their just-announced (and awesomely titled) album Van Weezer — on Jimmy Kimmel Live. They were the first of three Mystery Musical Guests Kimmel promised this week, and for those keeping score at home, the other two will be Fall Out Boy and Green Day, who just announced they’re all touring together. Consider that mystery solved. There’s also no mystery as to the greatness of The Hold Steady, who uncorked Denver Haircut, the opening cut from their rocking return-to-form album Thrashing Thru the Passion, on Late Night with Seth Meyers. Were it not for Rivers Cuomo and co., they’d be at the top of this post. And last but certainly not least, for those who appreciate something a little jazzier and cooler, popsters half•alive (and their awesome drummer) were happy to oblige with their colourful performance of Runaway on The Late Late Show With James Corden. They all get my vote. And probably deserve them more than most of the stiffs who were running yesterday. But hey, that’s democracy for ya. On to the next race.