Peter Foldy Remembers When He Used To Have Fun, Fun, Fun

The Canadian singer-songwriter fondly recalls a long-lost love on his latest single.

Peter Foldy replays the highlight reel of a former relationship in his new single and lyric video Fun, Fun, Fun — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Summery, warm and built for the beach, Fun, Fun, Fun finds the Canadian singer-songwriter tells the story of spontaneous getaways, exotic vacations, and romantic dinners with lots of wine and laughter. Because it’s in the past tense, we know where this is going to go, of course. But ultimately, Fun, Fun, Fun is an upbeat tune, finding contentment in having loved, rather than never having loved at all.

The corresponding lyric video reflects this, depicting two lovers at the height of their romance, frolicking on beaches, in quaint hotel rooms, and at a carnival. “With all that’s going on in the world I wanted to put out something happy,” Foldy said. “A track to make people tap their feet and smile.”

Known for his catchy pop melodies, Foldy has enjoyed musical success on major labelsboth in Canada and the U.S. After a successful 10-year run in the music business, which included two Juno nominations, Foldy found himself in L.A., where he soon began writing and eventually directing films with stars such as Paul Rudd, Beverly D’Angelo and Eugene Levy.

But like the unnamed love in Fun, Fun, Fun, music was too good to forget. Realizing that there was still a fan base out there requesting his songs on Canadian radio, Foldy returned to the studio and released the 10-track album Nine Lives in 2015, followed by the singles Toxic World in 2019, Friend-Zone in 2021, and now Fun, Fun, Fun.

Watch the video for Fun, Fun, Fun above, sample more music from Peter Foldy below, and get in on the fun at his website, Facebook and Twitter.


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