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MELANIE? Sews Up Support For Artists With Masks for Music Campaign

Toronto blues-rocker raising funds to Support the Unison Benevolent Fund.

MELANIE? isn’t turning the other cheek when it comes to COVID-19 and its effect on Canada’s music community — she’s going at the problem head-on. The Toronto blues-rocker is the face of Masks for Music, a fundraising sale in support of Spotify’s COVID-19 Music Relief Project and the Unison Benevolent Fund.

“One of the communities that has been most impacted by COVID-19 is the one I’m a part of: Artists and musicians,” Melanie says. “With tours, live shows, and festivals cancelled — not to mention collaborative studio and writing sessions on hold and creative productions delayed — musicians and artists who were already struggling to make ends meet or access important resources are in need of even more assistance.

“We have an ambitious fundraising goal,” she adds, noting the campaign’s aim to raise $10,000 in the span of three weeks time. “Spotify Canada has pledged to match any donations made to Unison dollar for dollar, up to a collective $10 million, so any money raised will be doubled!”

The Masks for Music Campaign features stunningly crafted, 100% cotton non-medical grade masks complete with filter pockets and her signature M? We have created about 200 custom masks, and each of them are for sale with a minimum donation of $10,” she says. “We’ve also partnered with 18 local companies in the GTA to reward our donations above $100 with a number of goods and services. There’s everything from personal training to clothing, jewelry… Even fresh, handmade pasta!”

Businesses featured include Alexandra-Jo Hastings, Bad Taste, Broken Cage Gallery, Cherry Gardens, Essentials by Temi, Greenhouse Juice Co., Jolene Melissa Officinalis Apothecary & Hand Dyed Goods, Laylow Bar, Lokey Cozy, Madison Makepeace, Noodle Perfect, Paulyy Fitness, Ripe X Homegrown Juices, Sam & Lance, Spin Master, Stitch n’ Bitch Apparel, Terra Media Design, and Your Clothes Friend.

The Unison Benevolent Fund’s work is incredibly important, with or without a pandemic,” Melanie says. “In times of darkness and despair, we have seen the light that shines through when people and communities come together. We want to be a part of that story.”

Masks for Music are available via GoFundMe, and you can keep up with MELANIE? on her website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.