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Bright Brown Feels The Weight Of Parenthood With Pressed On Me

The Brooklyn singer-songwriter & stick player croons to his son on his latest release.

Bright Brown recalls the heaviness of fatherhood and the pain of letting go with his impactful new single Pressed On Me — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest release from the Brooklyn singer-songwriter and Chapman Stick player, Pressed On Me shares a narrative that every parent can relate to. The lyrics were written more than 18 years ago, after the birth of his only child. Feeling the fragility of his infant son pressed on his chest while sleeping peacefully, Bright Brown (aka Alex Nahas) wrestled with the thought of the somber day when he would eventually have to release his child into the wild and unpredictable world. Now, on the heels of his son venturing out, Pressed On Me is ready to come out as well.

“I must face you now without armor,” he tenderly croons. “An assault of miracles after years of unlearning joy / The tragedy is you’ll learn to, the hope is you won’t.”

Alex brought Pressed On Me — the followup to his previous hit Aimless — to Goat Mountain Recording in the middle of the Mojave desert as a finished lyric and loose musical arrangement. The track received its subtle ambient timbres and pulse from keyboardist Jamie Muhoberac and drummer Eddie Avakian, accompanying Nahas’s signature stick and coating the instrumental in an ethereal sheen that takes listeners on a poignant, intimate ride.

Nahas draws influence from artists like Peter Gabriel, Talk Talk, David Bowie and Elvis Costello — unique artists who shoehorn unorthodox approaches into digestible pop music. Thoughtful and reflective, with a knack for rendering outside-world concerns in the landscape of the personal, Bright Brown continues to venture into new frontiers with each successive song.

Listen to Pressed On Me above, hear more from Bright Brown below, and find him at his website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Photo by Rebecca Wilson.