James Culleton Is All Revved Up For Superfun

Have a blast with this high-energy anthem from the Winnipeg children's entertainer.

James Culleton came to play (in more ways than one) with his new high-energy pop-rock anthem Superfun — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Fresh from the Winnipeg children’s entertainer’s forthcoming album of the same name, the sugar-coated Superfun roars out of the backyard gate with a glammy garage-rock riff, a big, boisterous backbeat and a catchy call-and-response chorus. With joyfully raucous guitar work from MVP guitarist and producer Grant Siemens (Corb Lund, Del Barber), Superfun cranks the volume all the way up to the top for glee. As Culletom says, it’s a tune with a simple, simply irresistible mission: “It’s a song about everyone playing and having fun!”

That said, things started out differently when the musicians tackled recording the tune. “When we were recording all the songs, it was the last one on the list,” recalls Culleton. “It was near the end of the day, everyone was pretty tired. But when that guitar lick started, the whole band just got revved up and it blew all our hair back, becoming the title track.”

Written by Roger Mollot, the cut was recorded in Winnipeg at The Song Shop, and engineered, mixed, and mastered by Jamie Sitar. In addition to Siemens on guitar and keyboards, the album features Al Simmons on banjo, harmonica, and sound effects, Keri Latimer on Theremin, Paul Balcain on saxophone, flute, and clarinet, Tom Fodey on bass, and Joanna Miller on drums. The joy of jumping into playing and creating without inhibitions, just like most kids do, is evident throughout the new collection.

“A lot of the songs on the album are about making art and music and how fun that can be,” explains Culleton. “How there are no mistakes, or how you’ll be a lot of things in life and it’ll be the people you meet that are important.”

Watch Superfun above, sample more of James Culleton’s music below, and meet him at his website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.