Late-Night TV Music | May 12, 2020

James Blake, Brendon Urie and Maroon 5 present you with a musical choice.

Something old, something new, or something borrowed from Joni Mitchell’s Blue? Those were your musical choices on Tuesday’s late-night TV playlist. The old: Panic! At the Disco’s eternally game and personable frontman Brendon Urie, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots playfully playing Queen’s Under Pressure (below) on stuff from around the house on The Tonight Show. The new: Maroon 5’s performance of their summery new single Memories (also below) — a clip which asks the musical question: Where does one get a ping-pong ball launcher? — also on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. The song borrowed from Blue: A Case of You (above), hauntingly performed by James Blake on his upright piano for The Late Late Show With James Corden. I’ve made my choice; now it’s your turn.