The Call From Upstairs Can’t Help Fading Away

An innovative blend of styles sets the stage for an eclectic sonic adventure.

The Call From Upstairs feels himself vanishing next to you in his new single Fading — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The Call From Upstairs is an enigmatic DIY alt-rock project that takes a captivating plunge into the sonic abyss with this release. The single exhibits an innovative blend of dream pop, new wave, darkwave and slowcore, setting the stage for an eclectic sonic adventure.

Drawing inspiration from a spectrum of musical influences such as Depeche Mode, Interpol, The Cramps, Joy Division, Roy Orbison and Lana Del Rey, Fading emerges as the poignant sonic tapestry. A mesmerising slow-tempo offering, born from a challenge to explore a softer musical landscape, resonates with dark ’80s pop vibes, adorned with layered synths and evocative production that transports listeners on an emotive and introspective journey.

Amidst the musical symphony, Fading unveils The Call From Upstairs’ distinctive lyrical prowess. The chorus line, ‘Falling for you feels like fading’, encapsulates the essence of yearning to express profound emotions to someone who renders the world irrelevant. “Fading is about wanting to express your true feelings to someone who you’re so enthralled with, the rest of the world seems to be irrelevant,” he says.

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