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Marsha Swanson Shares Her Near Life Experience

The U.K. singer-songwriter makes a long-overdue return with her third album.

Marsha Swanson undergoes a profound Near Life Experience in her new album — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

Renowned for her insightful lyricism, singer-songwriter Swanson makes a long-awaited return with her third album, her first release since her acclaimed 2005 debut Watershed and her 2007 followup Sentient Stardust. Swanson’s evocative vocals, coupled with the thoughtful composition, provides a sonically diverse journey that transcends boundaries, and Near Life Experience leaves an indelible mark on the listener’s soul.

“The roots that we come from and return to are in death, yet we continue to reach for the light,” Swanson explains. “As the only animals aware of our mortality, us humans have the unenviable task of navigating how to live our lives with the shadow of death always close by. We are used to hearing about near-death experiences, but I thought flipping it round to consider what it means to nearly live would be interesting.”

Recorded at Konk studios in London and Echo Zoo in Eastbourne, the album boasts artwork from the legendary Storm Studios, responsible for iconic creations for artists such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Muse. Adding to this impressive roster is the multi-platinum-selling producer Iestyn Polson, recognised for his work with icons like David Gray, Patti Smith and David Bowie. The album also features a distinguished ensemble of musicians, including the versatile Henry (King Thumb) Thomas, acclaimed for his collaborations with musical luminaries such as Gloria Gaynor, Van Morrison and Sarah Jane Morris.

With current singles In Parallel, Facing Life, Not You and Happy Ever After, accompanied by visually enthralling music videos, Swanson sets the stage for an album that delves into the depths of existence. Facing Life serves as a thematic prelude, paving the way for a narrative that traverses life’s ebbs and flows. Bookended by instrumental tracks Waltz For Life and In Touch, the album encapsulates the essence of life’s journey, mirroring its highs and lows.

The lead single Making Waves epitomizes Swanson’s mature and sophisticated approach to pop. A soul-stirring ballad, it weaves a series of emotions, resonating with listeners on an existential level. With poignant lyrics and melodies that linger, Making Waves invites introspection, seamlessly blending tranquillity with emotional depth.

It was influenced by the work of the famous American psychiatrist and bestselling author Irvin Yalom. He spoke of rippling, which is the idea that people can continue to have an impact long after they have died by their ideas and deeds rippling in much the same way as the ripples that are created by tossing a pebble into a pond. Swanson effortlessly channels this energy into a peaceful and simply stunning track that keeps you ever present throughout, in an existential song that aims to put us in touch with our mortality and meaning.

Check out Near Life Experience below, watch the videos above, and keep up with Marsha Swanson on her website, Facebook and Instagram.