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Now Hear This: Bronco Bullfrog | Bronco Bullfrog

Is this a long-lost ’70s power-pop artifact from a forgotten U.S. band? Nope — it's a long-lost ’90s power-pop throwback from a criminally overlooked U.K. retro combo.


THE EDITED PRESS RELEASE: “Formed in 1996 by Andy Morten, Mike Poulson and Louis Wiggett, Bronco Bullfrog took their name from the 1970 British cult film of the same title.

Combining their mutual love for ’60s and ’70s pop-psych, power-pop, country-rock, sunshine-pop and beyond, the trio fashioned their own sound, full of loud guitars, refreshing vocal harmonies and killer hooks. Imagine The Who circa Live At Leeds playing the Rubble songbook and you’re there.

Bronco Bullfrog was their magical debut, a CD-only release from 1998 (although a vinyl sampler with a selection of tracks was also issued at the time). Now reissued for the first time on double vinyl and sequenced as originally intended by the band. Including some of their most iconic songs: History, Del Quant, Greenacre Hill, Down Angel Lane and Together.

RIYL: Who, Kinks, Move, Big Star, Byrds, Teenage Fanclub, Raspberries, Badfinger, Flying Burrito Bros, Small Faces … ”


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