Arturo Rojas Ignites Passion With Entre Mi Fuego y Sangre

The Peruvian-Canadian artist delivers a harmonious fusion of artistry and emotion.

Arturo Rojas ponders life, love and death with his emotional new single and video Entre Mi Fuego y Sangre — showcasing today on Tinnitist.

The latest highlight of his self-titled debut album — and the followup to his single Te Diré Entre — Mi Fuego y Sangre (Between My Fire and Blood) delivers a harmonious fusion of artistry and emotion. Penned by Rojas, the song is a personal artistic expression of positivity in the wake of a near-death situation. “It made me wonder about life,” the singer shares. “What comes after we die? Where are we going after death? Is there a place waiting for us after we pass away? But in the end, we need to learn to give…”

Despite drawing inspiration from a challenging life moment, Rojas skillfully channels his emotions into a captivating ballad, effortlessly blending Latin, pop, and jazz influences. The song reflects on love, loneliness, and the challenge of being genuine.

The lyrics portray the cautious steps we take in matters of love, feigning indifference to protect against potential rejection — the delicate dance of maintaining a guarded stance, opting for solitude over fully embracing the warmth that love can bring.

The song unfolded between Lima and Toronto. Guided by the rhythmic beats of Alex Sarrín on drums and the captivating percussion of Hugo Bravo, the ensemble also features Enderson Herencia on bass, Jimmy Smallbach on guitars, Pepe Céspedes on keys, and the soulful vocals and guitars of Rojas. The band recorded drums, bass, percussion, keys, and saxophone in Peru, and completed the recording of guitars and voices in Toronto.

At 20, Rojas left Peru for New York City, where he lived for six years before heading north to his current home of Toronto. His music is distinguished by Latin rhythms, pop and punk melodies, rock guitars, and jazz chords.

Watch the video for Entre Mi Fuego y Sangre above, check out Arturo Rojas’ debut album below, and find him on his website, Instagram and Facebook.